This is a location for me to keep my SCA research, links, etc. Primarily I research Viking Age Scandinavian everyday life, but I have plenty of other interests.

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Who am I?

In the SCA, my name is Kennari Kaelin in Stórráða. I'm a Laurel, and I live in the Principality of the Summits, in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Site Contents

My long term plan is to migrate all of my SCA related content to this one site, but that may take a while. Those familiar with my livejournal will likely find much of the content here to be old posts, at least for a while. Specifically this site will eventually contain:

-Recipes, both redacted and experimental

-Tutorials on making V.A. or medieval things

-Links to videos

-SCA opinion content

-Online classes in various formats

-Handouts from my in-person classes




-Copies of my documentation

-Reviews of books and other research materials

-Guides to how to search for research content

-Tutorials on research and writing in an SCA context