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Claim Service

Company Methodology

Schedule A & Claim Management Procedure


Kadanjoe Asia Pacific and Its clients

A critical part of Kadanjoe "difference" is our claim philosophy, which has remained unchanged since the origin of Kadanjoe in 1992.

The foundation of the Kadanjoe claim philosophy is to be responsive to the Insured at a time of misfortune. A Kadanjoe policy of insurance represents not only a commercial business transaction, but also a significant commitment of trust. This understanding was best stated by the late Hendon Chubb (the founder of our Underwriter friend - Chubb Insurance Group in USA) who said:

" ... while an insurance policy is a legal contract that expresses our minimum responsibility, there are many occasions when equity demands that we recognise a moral obligation beyond the strictly legal terms - and this is always a consideration in our settlements."

The four cornerstones of Kadanjoe's customer-driven approach to claims are:

There is much more to settling a loss than reaching a final monetary agreement. There is the human side as well. The aftermath of a loss is often a period of stress and even disorientation. We feel it is a Kadanjoe responsibility to help restore the Insured's peace of mind. Thus, in handling claims, Kadanjoe's claim people treat the Insured the way they would like to be treated themselves if they had a loss. It is this attitude of courtesy, empathy and a conscious sense of equity which guarantees a fair and responsive settlement.

When a claim occurs, "time is of the essence". How we execute our claim-servicing responsibilities is of paramount importance. We respond to our Insureds with the timely payment of covered losses. Prompt payments help our Insureds restore lost property and minimise consequential losses. Timely involvement is also vital in investigating and defending claims brought against our Insureds. Accordingly, we have established standards for prompt contact and resolution in direct response to the reporting of claims by our clients.

Our role is to help both our clients/policyholders and our selected Underwriters to bear risks for a profit. When a loss occurs, our obligation is to deliver fully on the promise. Many Kadanjoe insurance forms are specially designed to provide broad coverage and to reduce or eliminate standard industry loopholes or conditions. This evenhandedness in our contracts is supported in practice by our claim administration which strives to create and maintain an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and fairness in all our dealings with the Insured and the selected Underwriters.

Kadanjoe knows that insurance is not the only solution and does not try to meet all insurance needs. Instead, Kadanjoe concentrates on providing special products and services for selected markets. A key ingredient to this strategy is to provide claim specialists to meet the particular needs of the various - and often demanding - markets in which we concentrate.


We are pleased to present an overview of our proposed Action Plan and Time Table (please see Schedule A below) which would govern our work method for the clients if we are appointed as your Insurance Consultant. On the following pages, we discuss the Action Plan in greater detail.


Selection of Insurance Consultant/Specialist

♦ To appoint Kadanjoe as your Insurance Consultant/Specialist. Our preferred Underwriters where our Group has underwriting authority/agency include Etiqa Insurance (previously called MNI), MSIG Insurance, Jerneh Insurance Bhd, Allianz Insurance, ACE and others. Of course, we also deal with other underwriters. Although we are not an Insurance Broker, our expertise is at par with International Broking Firm because of our own expertise, technical knowledge and know-how and experience.

Immediate Action

♦ The Kadanjoe team will be introduced to your key financial management and insurance personnel

♦ The introductory meetings will present the opportunity to establish lines of communication for the on-going handling of the Insurance Programme

♦ We will collect relevant data and/or copies of all current insurance policies for immediate review of conditions of coverages, sums insured, limits of liability ratings etc

♦ The information will be used to correct any immediate deficiency

♦ Loss prevention activities will commence. Hazards and premises locations will be examined to identify hazards, together with your assistance on quantifying maximum foreseeable and probable loss exposures and make preliminary loss prevention recommendations by an underwriter's risk surveyor or by an outside Consultant who will do a risk management programme - but this will be subject to your prior approval as this call for additional cost.

In our normal role as your appointed Insurance Consultant, we of course do not charge any fee as we obtain remuneration from the Insurers who save from servicing and pass on to us a commission.

♦ Communication lines will be established for dealing with day-to-day matters as well as major issues such as:-

- Policy Alterations
- New Acquisitions
- Large increases in Sums Insured
- Capital Improvements
- Major Claims and All Other Claims of course

♦ A regular service programme will be instituted in each of your areas of operations. The programme would include:

- A review of Loss Control activity and results whenever applicable
- Analysing claims statistics
- Constant monitor of risk management and insurance programmes including market movements, trends and news
- Established claim handling procedures
- Prepare and negotiate insurance renewals

♦ Encourage to establish a regular programme of loss control inspections and reports. The programme to identify the frequency and type of reports to be done. The areas to be covered depending upon your requirements can include:

- Property and Business Interruption
- Liability onshore and offshore
- Burglary, Security and Fidelity
- Transit
- Computer and other EDP equipment
- H & M, war, strikes, piracy
- P & I, FD & D etc
- Aviation & liability 

Programme Design and Implementation

♦ We will analyse the loss/claim statistics, loss prevention reports and current insurances. From this information, we will project losses for the coming year to establish the viability of self-retention of some risks.

♦ We will present to you the result of the loss prevention reports (by appointed Risk Management Consultant) and discuss the exposures to loss which have now been identified as well as risk reduction techniques.

♦ A cost/benefit comparision can be conducted on any self-insurance approaches or optional coverages

♦ We will place all policies with the selected insurance company and/or P & I Clubs based on
- Prior Involvement
- Financial Strength
- Expertise & Technical Competency
- Claims Handling & Flexibility
- Continuity & Stability


♦ Policy summaries will be developed for an insurance manual which would include:
- Claims Procedures
- Policy Reporting Procedures
- Account Servicing Team
- Status Reports
- Monitoring Market Movements, Trends, News which affect you as a Policyholder


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