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Core Values and Beliefs

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Kadanjoe Asia Pacific's fundamental, inviolable Values and Beliefs are these:-

We value above all our ability to serve the customer
We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Great Customer Service
Our service standards are as stiff as our insurance product selection standard. We should treat our customers as we would our best friend.

We are responsible to our customers, to our employees, and to the societies we serve.

Golden Rule
We should treat those with whom we have dealings as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Our interactions with all segments of society - customers, principals/suppliers, governments, the general public - must reflect the high standard we profess.

No individual should be indispensable. Think we; not I

Since our future as a company rests squarely on the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork and integrity of our employees. We value these qualities most highly.

Best Effort
Each person should do his/her very best in each task undertaken. Strive for an A, not a B+.

We are committed to research that matches insurance technical know how/science/ technology to the needs of our customers.

The little things matters; God is in the details. We reap what we sow.

We are honest. We honour our commitments. We are consistent and fair. We expect profit but profit from work that benefits customers.


Kadanjoe exists to make customers' lives better and work better through innovative, high quality insurance products and value-added services.


Kadanjoe's mission is the consistent maintenance of being a Producer of values & services for those we come into contact

We exist:
* To serve our Customers not only as a dedicated, responsible and empowered provider of insurance/agency & advisory services, but also as their team in the risk management process.

* To provide our Employees with a dynamic work environment that will continually challenge, motivate and reward them.

* To provide our Shareholders & our Principals with a superior level of profits and assets growth.

* To be responsible citizens contributing our fair share of the taxes to the country.

* In all these, we aspire to be a model of excellence and lead in terms of professional & financial strength, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction (embracing positive mental attitude, technical competency, timeliness & problem-free or positive solution).

* Our base is Malaysia and from here, we shall expand to establish a regional presence.


* Our Director had acted as Lloyd's appointed coverholder and signatory for marine cargo risks up to US$3 Million anyone risk in 1986 to 1988 and 1990's.

* Technical Adviser for Hongkong based Company called The Wing On Fire & Marine Co Ltd, Malaysian Branch from 1992 to 1993 .

* Seconded to Citicorp Insurance Brokers Singapore office to assist on their marine/ aviation insurance matters when their Deputy Managing Director left the organisation in 1990; and also seconded to assist the Indonesian Office

* Direct Dealings/Connections with the International Group of P & I Clubs such as:-

► UK P & I Club
► Gard P & I Club
► Shipowner Mutual (Luxembourg)
► The Steamship Mutual P & I
► UK Defence Club
► Other P&I Clubs such as Japan Shipowners' Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association,etc

* Placed ships Mortgagee's Interest Insurance Cover for Den Norske Bank of Norway (Singapore Branch), Bank Industri & Teknologi Malaysia Bhd and Malayan Banking Bhd.

* Placed D & O Insurances for public-listed companies / banks.

* Placed the delivery flight insurances for the Royal Malaysian Police Force's fleet of aircrafts in 1994.

* Marine Seminar Speaker for Bank Negara Training Centre & other Institutions.

* Our Technical Consultant/Senior Partner is a full practising member of The Academy of Experts, UK (MAE). We hope the continuous upgrading and improvements in our personnel's skills and knowledge will provide further value-added service for our esteemed clients and friends in a whole range of diverse industries/businesses such as yours.
* Claim negotiation experience include presentation of facts / case laws and dealing with Underwriters, Bank Negara, P&I Clubs, other professionals and solicitors / lawyers including litigation/arbitration as well as signing of affidavit . Credible and trusted witness in settlement of claims disputes.

Areas of Concern Being Examined / Reviewed

Insurance consultancy/auditing involves constant flow of paperworks which must be cleared daily in order to remain organisationally healthy & fit for our efficient & effective discharging of our technical / professional services.

They play a vital role to keep our clients and the Underwriters happy and satisfied.

Insurance decisions are frequently based on financial considerations alone - price, and deductibles (also called excess). Equally often, this approach does not provide the optimum cover.

Buying insurance involves the balanced assessment of many factors which are unfamiliar to the layman. The possible pitfalls in these areas are numerous, and often difficult to foresee.

▬ adequacy of sum insured
▬ premiums warranty and automatic cancellation
▬ the fine prints - policy wording and available extensions
▬ solvency of underwriters/reinsurers
▬ gaps in cover and policy exclusions
▬ level of deductibles
▬ technical advice
▬ Insurers' Approach to Claims & flexibility in liberal interpretation of Policy Conditions
▬ and many others

At Kadanjoe Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd & our Group, we work hard each day to maintain the integrity of our reputation. We do this through a personal commitment to each job, from the very first survey to the issue of the policies. And then to the most vital part - prompt handling of claims! We believe the single most significant advantage of using a knowledgeable Insurance Consultant/Practitioner is having a Specialist negotiating on your side with an Insurance Company’s claims staff.

Kadanjoe Claims’ Department assists in the intricacies of filing claims to insurance companies, from the time we are informed of the claim until the cheque is delivered.



Kadanjoe, R.W Protections and our group of associated insurance agencies work with our preferred underwriters/principals where our Groups have underwriting authority/agency from Etiqa Insurance (previously called MNI), MSIG Insurance, ACE Jerneh Insurance Bhd, Allianz Insurance, MCIS Zurich Insurance,QBE, MPI and others. Of course, we also deal with other underwriters on coinsurance and on the need basis. Although we are not an Insurance Broker, our expertise is at par with International Broking Firm because of our own expertise, technical knowledge, know-how and experience.