Kadanjoe Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 243428-U)

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Professional Service

We are committed to maintaining a highest standard of ethics and integrity and establishing a strong relationship of mutual trust and service to each of our clients. We exist to make customers’ lives better and work better through innovative, high quality insurance and value-added services. 

Wide Range of Products

We offer personal attention, professional service, a wide range of quality insurance products to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost & with the widest possible coverage, all from an experienced and trained staff of conscientious professionals.  

We are Different 

A critical part of Kadanjoe "difference" is our claim philosophy. The foundation of the Kadanjoe claim philosophy is to be responsive to the Insured at a time of misfortune. At Kadanjoe, an insurance policy  represents not only a commercial business transaction, but also a significant commitment of trust. 

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Kadanjoe's mission is the consistent maintenance of being a Producer of values & services for those we come into contact. Thank you for visiting our Web site. We value your opinion. Call us for more information.