Our Wedding

December 15, 2007 - Mississippi

My BM's signed my shoe for my something blue!  :)

Anna telling us the bow was too tight...she couldn't breathe!  :)

A couple of bridesmaids getting all dolled up!

Signing the shoe

Again, signing the shoe!

Not everyone had signed...

My Daddy & my sister (Matron of Honor)

My beautiful Mom & MOH.

After we got our hair done...it was raining outside!

About to see DH for the first time!

Me with 3 of my BM's.

Our wedding cake! So pretty!

Groom's cake.  It was red velvet w/ cream cheese icing! YUM!

Our programs.  Very simple!

These were our semi-professional pictures...

Here's the professional pics!

Silly faces!


Ohh la la!

I was praying it would zip...lol.

Yay!  All dressed!

I needed help putting on my shoes.

Seeing Daddy for the 1st time.


My sister, the matron of honor, saying a prayer and making me cry!

My hubby seeing me for the first time...

Seeing my sweet hubby for the 1st time..


My in-laws!

DH and his nephews.  The one on the left was our ring bearer.

My sweet sister & BIL. (Matron of Honor)

My whole family

My mom, me, my sister, and my Aunt.

Me & my bridesmaids!!

The girls dresses

DH and his siblings

Generations of rings.  Me, mom, grandma.

The front pews had holly berries.

The pews with the pretty garland.

The pretty reception area. You can't see in the picture, but there were lights behind the black stuff.

Ring bearer was thinking, "All these people weren't here when we practiced!"

He said, "DADDY!!" and took off running.  (His dad preached our wedding!)

Walking down the aisle


For our thank you notes

Doing up my bustle.

We had the groomsmen escort the bridesmaids to the reception and they were announced.  We came out last!

Thanks for looking!