Our Home

Most pictures are BEFORE and AFTER!

Green/White outside, old light fixture, ugly door, and ugly bushes




 We have a black glass door on the front now, ugly bushes are still there, new light fixture and house numbers!

Yay!  Ugly bushes are finally gone!

I love that the bushes are gone!!


The kitchen before.  HIDEOUS.

Kitchen in the process of being finished!

We're gonna try to find a piece of SS to put behind the stove.

The kitchen as of 4.12.08!   Less cluttered.

The kitchen as of 4.12.08!

My spice rack and under cabinet iHome that I LOVE!  Good pic of the backsplash as well!


The doorknob is a pretty brushed nickel one now.  The door was chipped white paint and we painted it the same color as the front door.  :)


Washing machine in kitchen, OLD OLD stove & range BEFORE!

This is where the washing machine used to sit.  We MADE a new dishwasher cabinet and got a dishwasher! Yay!

What it looks like as of 4.12.08!

My awesome calendar!


The utility cart is being covered for now. I think I might paint it white to match the cabinets. That's our bill/mail organizer on top.

Dining Room before (standing in LR)

Oh yes, this was the DR light fixture. PLEASE notice the scotch tape.  :)


Our new (hand me down) china cabinet!  :)  Yay!

Yay for a china cabinet!

Very simple.  Placemats/napkins/napkin rings from Wal*Mart.  Chargers were a wedding gift!


 My green star, summer placemats, and the roses DH bought me "just because."  :)

A new table setting!  Total of $16.00!  Placemats were 7, fake fruit were 6, bowl was 3 from Marshalls!




Living Room before (seller's stuff!)


Living room in between w/ old rug and too many pillows and too much stuff on the shelves...lol


LR w/ old rug...

The LR with the new rug!  I think the pattern works well w/ everything else being solid.  Rug is from Target.

Another shot of the new rug.  I love it!  Great price at Target!


Bathroom before (hard to get a good angle, small bathroom!)

We literally had a huge hole in the wall.  This is DH at his best! :)

Bathroom now!!  ALL DIY!

Another before of sink...ew.

Sink & Toilet now.  Pretty much new everything!  All DIY!

Bathroom floor before...gross.

The floor now that I did all by myself!  I was so proud!  Haha!

What it looks like now.  Excuse the palm pilot on the toilet.  DH plays solitaire instead  of reading magazines when he's..."busy."  lol.



Master bedroom before.

 Our bedroom now.  Pretty much new everything!  DIY!

This is the only picture of my furniture that I have before I painted it and changed the hardware! This is not our house...it was my last apartment!

This is what the hardware looks like! I love eBay!! 

Another view of our bedroom

 Our dresser

Our signature mat from our wedding above the chest




Our Spring bedding.  Very similar to our winter bedding, but this is much lighter.  It's a quilt!

So comfy!

Our wonderful bedroom!

Can you tell I love our bedding?  :)

We turned this room into our closet because it's connected to the MBR.  Put down new carpet and of course did NOT put a bed down here!  We also moved the washer/dryer down here to make it a laundry room as well!

Ugly, ugly room. 

The shelves turned into the laundry detergent/cleaning supplies storage area so I put up curtains to hide all the stuff.  I'm in love with my W/D. :)

The other side of the room.  Gosh, looks messy but I promise it's not as bad as it looks plastered all over the internet!

You can see the new carpet in this picture! (And Oakley!)

The guest bedroom before.  Not TOO bad I guess.

Guest bedroom now.  This is my craft desk that DH built me.  Also starring my EW ceiling tiles that I painted! I love it!

The other side of the room with my computer/printer.  Excuse that table randomly stuck in the picture.  :)

Thanks for looking at our home!

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