Our Furbabies

This is our furbaby, Oakley.  He's a toy maltese, and the 2nd love of my life!

When we first got him.  He was so mischevious!

The 2nd day that I had him!  Look at those sad tear stains!  :(

Our family this Christmas!  :)

Another one!  Christmas 2007 at my parent's house.


His shirt says, "Stud Muffin."  :)

Oakley likes John Deere just like his daddy! (DH is a farmer!)

Right after being groomed in his cute bandana!  :)

Sorry so blurry!  He was under the tree, like a present! :)

He had on a santa sweater!

My sister will kill me...but he loves her so much!


One of my best friend's always puppysat for me when we were OOT.  She took him golfing!

Sleepy boys.  :)


REESE, our chocolate lab!  She's 7 weeks old in these pictures!


With Daddy...

She didn't sleep a wink her 1st night, and neither did I.  Here I am the next morning sleeping with her!

Brother & sister fighting over the duck...

Reese after her very first bath.  She's not fond of baths.  :)

Isn't she adorable?

With Daddy and Grandaddy after they went duck hunting!

 She's saying, "Excuse me, please quit TAKING MY PICTURE!!" Haha!

Checking out a real duck for the first time!

Oakley reminds me of Cartman here...You wouldn't believe how skinny he is with all that fur gone!

Look at that tongue sticking out.  Sweet baby was dead asleep on my foot.

I love this picture.  DH is always asleep on the couch with his mouth open.  Priceless!

Reese's first time in the water. She couldn't figure out why her paw went through the ground!

When she finally figured it out, we couldn't keep her out of the water!

She never took her eyes off of it!

Look at those beautiful eyes!

She posed for me.

She looks annoyed with all the pictures, huh?