Baby Shower for My Sister!

I hosted my sister's baby shower in the end of April.  It was a blast!

I made the invites for the shower as well.  They were so time consuming but well worth the effort!

Tissue paper pom poms (by Martha Stewart designs) on the front door!

Ballons on the mailbox!

The drink table.  :)  Tissue paper hung on the chandelier.

Some of the presents before some of the guests arrived!

The mommy-to-be with her "baby bootie-pacifier corsage"  :)

All the yummy food!!  :) (And the mommy-to-be)

The mommy & aunt-to be!  Can you tell I'm proud?  :)

The diaper cake.  I blurred out the last name since the baby is nameless as of now! :)

Tootpicks for the fruit. :)

Little onesie cookies!  There were also teddy bears!

The napkins & plates.  I loved them!  Hobby Lobby!

We used mason jars to drink out of, with sweet tea, blue lemonade, or water...with an umbrella!

The drinks! :)  We also tied raffia around them!

Duckies were floating in the blue lemonade!  It was a hit!

The table.  :)

The guestbook I made my sister.  Asked questions like, "What time will Baby ___ be born?" etc.

We tried to have "mini" or "baby" everything. Little pickles, little weenies, etc. :)

Our friend Anna with her drink!

The diaper bag I got her!!  It was filled with goodies like baby oil, baby wipes, etc.  The diaper bag is sooo cute!

As she opened her gifts, we hung the clothes up on a clothesline! We ran out of room!

More clothes that wouldn't fit on the clothesline! :)

Other little gifts besides the clothes!  She loaded up! :)

Everyone minus Mom (grandma-to-be) who took the picture!


We also played a couple of games that were a huge hit!  We played a celebrity slideshow that someone made and I tweeked it a lot.  :)  It was so fun!  We put it from the laptop to the bigscreen TV!  It was so fun!  The top two winners won a prize!

The other game we played was a called Right To Left, Left To Right.  I read a story about Grandma Wright.  Everytime I said Right (or Wright) you passed the prize to the person on the right.  Anytime I said the word "left" you passed it to your left.  But it went so fast that you had to hurry!  It was kinda like playing hot potatoe!  If you want the story, just let me know!  :)

Hope you enjoyed my baby shower page!  We had a blast and best of all, Audra got a lot of help with necessities!  :)