Senior Social Studies is a semester-long, required course for graduation. Students will take two of the four possible strands of Senior Social Studies in their senior year. Our class focuses on environmental and technology issues. See the course syllabus for a course outline and requirements. Info:
2nd Period- Class ID: 9711978 Password: cowan
5th Period- Class ID: 9711986 Password: cowan
6th Period- Class ID: 9711989 Password: cowan
Notes and assignments are updated weekly or as needed under the attachments section below.
Tip for printing the notes:
You should have a "Print what:" box in the bottom left of your print menu. If you change this from slides to handouts, you can print six slides on a single piece of paper. Alternatively, you could choose to print a notes page that will print three slides per page with lines for your own notes.
Kaci Cowan,
Aug 28, 2014, 1:53 PM