Classic Camp

Heading into its 23rd summer, the Knock Around Day Camp is a coed, full-day camp for children ages 5 – 11. Nestled between Muir and Revelle College in the Main Gym facilities, Knock Around day camp takes advantage of our unique access to UCSD’s vast resources in creating a daily schedule that keeps children active and occupied from the early morning until the late afternoon.

By blending scheduled activities with free time play, Knock Around Day Camp provides children the opportunity to learn new skills, develop game strategy, and engage in positive social interactions in a friendly, extended family type of environment. Schedules vary by week but can include such activities as swimming, arts and crafts, gymnastics, global kids, outside performers, camp games, and special events!

An example of a weekly schedule is in the table below, but no two weeks are the same at Knock Around. The campers are broken into groups of 20-24 by age but the whole camp is together for the majority of each afternoon. We have all sorts of exciting special events and entertainers that we include along with the fantastic programming included in each session and we wrap up each session with a big pot luck party! Drop off is from 7:45 - 8:50am and this is free time for the kids to play on our basketball courts, field, ball walls, or just relax and play some cards or board games with their friends and counselors. From 9:00am to 12:00noon we break the morning into three one hour sections which include a free-time game led by the counselors, arts and crafts, gymnastics, rock-climbing once a session, and a variety of special themed activities. We eat lunch all together on the Muir Field from 12:00-1:15pm and have free time games going on both on the field and on the outdoor basketball courts. After lunch we swim each day in the Natatorium indoor pool until 2:15, we provide a light snack for the campers after swimming and then are altogether in the Rec Gym and Home Base in the afternoon until 4:15pm. The campers are dismissed back out to the pick up area by 4:30 to be picked up by 4:45pm unless you have included After Camp Care which allows them to be under our supervision free of a late charge until 5:30pm.

          Monday                                      Tuesday                                        Wednesday                          Thursday                               Friday (Dress-up Day)
                                                        DROP OFF AT THE MAIN GYM CUL-DE-SAC STARTING AT 7:45AM
9am  Group Intros
        Camp Rules                                   
   Arts and Crafts                                 
    Free Time Game
 Start Walk to Outback                       
     Arts and Crafts                        
    Special Event                            
10am Free Time Game
    Gymnastics    Rock Climbing      Gymnastics    Special Event

11am  All Camp Event
  Free Time Game   Finish Rock Climb
   Free Time Activity
   Free Time Game    Special Event

12pm   Lunch
     Lunch     Lunch     Lunch        Lunch
1:30pm Swimming    Swimming   Swimming     Swimming     Swimming

2:30pm Snack    Snack   Snack    Snack     Snack