I think we're living in The Future now.

[though I was promised flying cars...]

Hi, I'm Khalil. If I'm a good guess, you're probably at this page because you thought I was cute (teddy bear), interesting (The Smithsonian), or appealing in some weird unexplainable way (jello wrestling, escargot)


Anyway, thanks for dropping in. I'm signed up on too many of these social networking websites, and I got tired of trying to update all of them, so this page so this page is just a spot to drop off some web plumage. 

Dinner? Art show? Rock climbing? Debauchery?
Sign me up. But no more sailing. ugh.

If you want those bland details, try some'n of these...

The LiveJournal I almost never update.
A Myspace profile that tries to be "introspective".
A Friendster profile that tries to be "pithy" instead.
Facebook page that is recent, at least.
And what my computer thinks I listen to.