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Reflection report [name]

Create a personal reflection report for each team member:
Name: (just first name is OK)

Do you believe the course objectives have been achieved? Why/why not? 

Have you been inspired by:
your team members, Why/why not?
the assignments, Why/why not?
your teacher, Why/why not?
the course materials? Why/why not?

Have you worked hard for this course? How? Why/why not?

Have you learned much? What? Why/why not?

Do you believe that you will still remember this course or your teacher in 20 years? When you look back on this course in about twenty years, what three things will most likely come to your mind? 

How was the cooperation within your group? 
Who was the boss?
Who contributed what?
How were tasks divided among group members?

Do you believe you had enough influence on group decisions? Why/why not?

What were your expectations for the course when when you came to your first class?

Have your expectations been fulfilled and why/why not?

Are you proud about the work that you have created? Why/why not?

What learning objectives had you set out to achieve yourself and have you achieved those objectives? Why/why not?

What aspects of the course have frustrated you the most and how have you coped with that?

Name the three most important things that you learned about yourself that you didn't know, why?

Name the five most important things that you learned about entrepreneurship, why?

Name the three most important things that you learned about doing business in developing countries, why?

Name the three most important misconceptions that you have had about entrepreneurship, investors and developing countries , why?