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Cash-flow analysis

Create a quarterly overview of all payments (both received and paid). A cash flow analysis is similar to a summary of your the bank statement. Make sure to include payments on investments but also costs for incorporation, rental guarantees, acquisition costs of capital, et cetera. Also plan loan disbursements and repayments and capital disbursements and dividend payments. Please make sure you are as conservative as possible with revenues from sales, which have a habit of being disappointing in the early stages of your business. Consider payment periods (delays) and VAT payments.

Cash-flow analysis
Cash Out
Investments (capital goods, R&D, market development etc.)
Fixed and variable cost (overheads excluding depreciation, amortisation and reservations)
Guarantees and advances
Interest, (loan)repayments and dividend
Corporate taxes and VAT
Total Cash Out
Cash In
Income from sales and deposits
Repaid guarantees and advances
Disbursements of loans, subsidy and capital
Total Cash In
Net cash per period