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Lab Members

David Kabelik - Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of Neuroscience

Current Lab Members:

Teia Popescu (in lab 2017-present) - fixing brain sections for some histology.

Laura Cardona (in lab 2017-present) - conducting immunohistochemistry.

Pooja Dave (in lab 2016-present) - Transferring brain sections.

Past Lab Members:

Lauren Hamm (in lab 2016-2017) - Showing off some thaw-mounted sections.

Iman Abdulkadir (in lab 2016-2017) - Cryostatin'

Sumner Magruder (in lab 2013-2016) - Photoshopin'

Alexis Smith (in lab 2013-2016) -  She loves to cut brains while listening to This American Life.

Jake Hartline (in lab 2013-2016) -  We call him Cryostat Jake.

Alyssa Johnson (in lab 2012-2015) -  I finally got a picture of one of the students pipetting. Needed this to fulfill the stereotype!

Shelley Choudhury (in lab 2012-2015) - brain section sorter extraordinaire

Caroline Elbaum (in lab 2012-2014) -  Caroline really, really enjoys computer image analysis! :)

Allison Julien (in the lab 2013) - snooping on lizards

Piper Carroll (in lab 2012-2013) -  at image analysis computer

Megan O'Brien (in lab 2011-2012) - at image analysis computer

Maddie Scott (in lab 2011) - hey, its a popular computer

Will Hawes (in lab 2011) - preparing for a surgery

Veronica Alix (in lab 2010-2012) - transferring brain sections

Salar Rafieetary (in lab 2010-2012) - at surgery scope

Jason Ballard (in lab 2010-2011) - sectioning brains on the cryostat

Leah Singh (in lab 2010-2011) - also transferring sections - it happens a lot!

Aaron Kala (in lab 2009-2012) - showing off a Green Anole

David Siu (in lab 2009-2010) - setting up lizard terrraria

Emily Burford (in lab 2009-2010) - first student in the lab!