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Fun Photos

Jake and Alexis present at URCAS 2016 - Mia is helping with the presentation.

I've kept Jake in the lab so much that he hasn't had time to shave.

Check out the new lab space!

Congratulations to Shelley and Alyssa!

Shellyssa present!

Grilling with the lab!

URCAS 2015 - with Mia!

Thank you to Jessica for taking such good care of our lizards!

Caroline is on to medical school!

Alexis and Shelley presenting at URCAS 2014.

Free icecream at URCAS 2014, courtesy of La Michoacana.

Sumner presenting at URCAS 2014

Sumner's awesome brain cake.

The lab is bursting at the seams.

URCAS 2013

A significant negative correlation - at URCAS 2012.

2011 gift.

Salar and Sarah - Zombies

Brain Removal Demonstration

Salar, Megan, and Piper celebrating the completion of their poster for URCAS 2012

The lab, presenting at URCAS 2011

Emily graduates & everyone dresses up like they're in Harry Potter