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1. My setup

These are LaTeX-related programs which I am currently using:

TeXnic Center
  • TeXnic Center (build RC1) is one of the most popular LaTeX processors. It is neat, since it auto-fills the most common TeX commands, and it is also nicely customizable (shortcuts,output formats,...)
Sumatra PDF
  • There's one customization which I deem necessary for all lazy LaTeX users: - syncing your PDF viewer with the TeX processor (not only TeXnic). If you do so, you will be able to access the TeX source by mere clicking on a chosen paragraph in the PDF viewer.
  • This is essential for efficient editing of your work, because it will save you loads of time spent  browsing through the source files, looking up that particular paragraph you wanted to work on.
  • The downside is that Adobe viewer does not allow such tweak to work, and therefore you will need to switch to an alternative viewer: download SumatraPDF, and configure a new output profile in TeXnic center (or other processors you are using).
  •  Sumatra is beneficial in other ways too - it is faster than Adobe products, and apart from the click-through trick, it also allows the LaTeX compiler to open the compiled PDF with focus on the page which is being currently edited (very handy, as you immediately see the output you've been working on).
  • One of the downsides of LaTeX is that if you're trying to create involved mathematical equations, your code will get more and more obscure. For that reason, I prefer to use MathType, which allows you to visualize the equations in a MSWord-like processor, and translate them directly into LaTeX syntax.
  • This translation works in both ways, so that the equations typed in LaTeX can be turned into visualizations, which can be easily edited and copied back into LaTeX.

2. Other processors

If you do not like command-based TeX processors, try LyX. It is more user-friendly software, which can serve better for transition from Word to LaTeX.

3. Misc

LaTeX Cheat Sheet - a must have for every forgetful person
Beamer Theme Gallery - if you want to make your presentations extra fancy

If you have any comments or suggestions for further LaTeX tweaks, please post your message below!

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