- ILR Review

    - with David C. Ribar, Journal of Population Economics

Labor Supply Heterogeneity and Demand for Child Care of Mothers with Young Children (2016)
    - with Patricia F. Apps, Ray Rees, and Arthur van Soest, Empirical Economics

Income Taxation, Labour Supply and House Work: a Discrete Choice Model for French couples (2014)
    - with Arthur van Soest & Elena Stancanelli, Labour Economics

Working Papers:  
Resources:  Fortran code & simulated dataset       
                      Executable with no iteration caps
                      Executable capped at 2 iterations

Ongoing Research Projects:  

Determinants of the same-sex wage gap

Same-sex parenting and children's educational achievement (with Francisco Perales)

Causal effects of divorce on divorcing couples and their children (with Yi Zhang)

The effect of student aid on students' high school choices (with Alexandra de Gendre)

Impact of Retirement Seminars on Financial Behaviours (with Edwin Ip)
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