- with David C. Ribar, Journal of Population Economics

Labor Supply Heterogeneity and Demand for Child Care of Mothers with Young Children (2016)
    - with Patricia F. Apps, Ray Rees, and Arthur van Soest, Empirical Economics

Income Taxation, Labour Supply and House Work: a Discrete Choice Model for French couples (2014)
    - with Arthur van Soest & Elena Stancanelli, Labour Economics, Volume 27, pp. 30-43

Working Papers:  
    - with David C. Ribar

    - with Henk-Wim de Boer and Egbert Jongen

Resources:  Fortran code & simulated dataset       
                      Fortran code adjusted for parallel processing & sim.dataset
                      Executable with no iteration caps
                      Executable capped at 2 iterations

Ongoing Research Projects:  

Determinants of the same-sex wage gap

Costs of divorce and marital stability

The effect of student aid on college major choice
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