The Stuga

Our little farm in East Texas 


 The shop/apartment

 The building site

Looking down the driveway

A nice big oak in the ravine out back





Recent Pictures

August 2006

It's still hot and dry, but we're still seeing some interesting plants at the stuga.  We have quite a few native passionflower plants, which are both cool to look at and attract gulf fritillaries.  Here's a picture of one of the blooms.

We spent the weekend of August 4-6 out there and we were treated to these visitors over morning coffee!

July 2006  

It's been dry, dry, dry in Texas this year, but even though everything else is crispy, we have a volunteer watermelon plant at the stuga that is actually setting fruit!   

April 2006

Mark has been working on a retaining wall to cover the exposed roots of a tree that was damaged when the driveway was put in.  It's been a lot of work and more money than we originally thought, but it's almost finished. We hope it's almost finished, at least.  He got a lot done this last visit, mostly because Mary was late for happy hour.

 Here is a before shot


And an "in progress" shot


Early Spring 2006

A few dogwood pictures

 These wildflowers were everywhere and brought in lots of butterflies. And bees.

This guy had moved in and claimed the A/C. He put up a big territorial show through the window, but deflated when I went out to take his picture..






Fall 2005

This is the tree that fell right after we bought the land.  Also included in the picture is the lumberjack that cut it up.