The House in Bulgaria near to the sources of cure mineral water,Spa and forest

Near to the capital city of Bulgaria-88km.near to the oldest temple on the earth- 7-lakes! Where the White Brotherhood get together every year! 

I would like to give to someone this house-cottage (5000 SQUARE METERS!! area) for free for 5 years!for free!!
Just to finish it!This operation will be not more than 40 000 -50 000 EUR including furnishing.
This is serious offer!
This house is built and set up only 75km.away from the 7-lakes in Rila mountain-the pleace where Withe Btotherhood get together!Only one hour driving the car and you will be there!
In this real estate is included a yard which is 3000 square meter big.There are place for swimming pool, 30 trees giving fruits..and more things…please e-mail to me: or