The Schleicher Ka6 Site

The goal of this website is to act as a forum for sharing information  and promoting preservation on the Alexander Schleicher Ka6 series of gliders between enthusiasts, whether they be owners, pilots, modelers or anyone interested in this glider type.

Above: A Ka-6E sits in the sunshine at Fayence, France, ready for another adventure in the southern Alpes (Photo: Jason Hatton)

The Ka6 was one of the most successful wooden glider designs of the 1950's and 1960's.  Initially developed as a private prototype in 1955 by the designer, Rudolf Kaiser the Ka6 was put into production by Alexander Schleicher the following year. The design was modified to conform the new FAI Standard Class rules and was flown in the 1958 World Championships in Lezno, Poland by Heinz Huth winning third prize in a Ka6-BR. However, more importantly the Ka6 was awarded the first OSTIV design prize. Subsequently, the glider proved popular with pilots and clubs thanks to its simple design, pleasant handling characteristics and sufficent performance for serious cross country flights. The basic design was refined into the most numerous variant, the Ka6-CR's. In 1963 Otto Schäuble and Karl Betzler flying two Ka6-CR's broke the world distance record flying from Stuttgart, Germany to Saint Nazare on the French Atlantic coast a total of 876km. Subsequently, Ka6's established a number of world distance and speed records in the 1960's. The Ka6 design reached its ultimate evolution in the final version, the Ka6e. This incorporated a modified wing section, a more tapered nose and canopy than the -CR and an all flying tailplane which resulted in improved performance.

A total of 1300 Ka6's of all types were constructed and many are still flying today.  Even in the age of sleek, high performance glass or carbon fibre sailplanes, Ka6's are capable of significant cross country flights. 300km cross country flights are readily attainable and 500km flights are sometimes achieved even in the temperate climate of the the United Kingdom.

The site acts as an informal Ka6 owners and flyers club, with a members area of the website which includes a forum and technical information on the Ka6 (under construction). The basic Ka6 design is now over 50 years old, making it very much a Vintage type. Therefore, if you are interested in the preservation of the Ka6's or other classic or vintage glider types we would strongly recommend joining the Vintage Gliding Club (

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