Parts List

Part No. Package Ref. Designators Qty. Cost Ext.
♦603-RC0603FR-071RL0603R15, R182$0.02$0.04
1 ohm 1%
Distributors: ($0.02)  
♦301-1.0K0603R8, R11, R123$0.008$0.024
1.0K ohm 5% 50V 1/16W
Distributors: Mouser ($0.008)  
♦CRCW060310R0FKTA0603R14, R16, R173$0.005$0.015
10 ohms 1% 1/16W -55°C to +150°C +/-100ppm
Distributors: ($0.005)   Mouser ($0.01)   Mouser ($0.30)  
♦CR0603-FX-1003HLF0603R6, R7, R9, R10, R20, R29, R31, R32, R349$0.002$0.018
100K ohm 1% 50V 1/10W
Distributors: ($0.002)   Mouser ($0.01)  
♦301-16-RC0603R4, R52$0.024$0.048
16 ohm 5% 50V 1/16W
Distributors: ($0.024)  
1M 5% 1/16W RoHS Lead Free
Distributors: Mouser ($0.008)  
2.7K ohm 5% 50V 1/16W
Distributors: ($0.005)  
♦301-2700603R22, R24, R25, R284$0.003$0.012
270 ohm 5% 1/16W 50V (for LEDs)
Distributors: Mouser ($0.003)  
330 ohm 5% 1/16W 50V
Distributors: Mouser ($0.005)   Mouser ($0.009)  
332K 1/10W 75V
Distributors: ($0.02)  
4.7K ohm 5% 1/16W 50V
Distributors: Mouser ($0.003)  
47 ohms 5% 1/10WATT. RoHS COMPLIANT
Distributors: Mouser ($0.005)   Mouser ($0.005)   Mouser ($0.005)   Mouser ($0.007)  
♦CR0603-FX-4700ELF0603R21, R192$0.012$0.024
470 ohms 5% 1/10WATT. RoHS COMPLIANT
Distributors: ($0.012)  
511K 1/10W 1%
Distributors: ($0.01)  
♦301-8.2-RC0603R2, R32$0.024$0.048
8.2 ohm 5% 50V 1/16W
Distributors: ($0.024)  
♦C0603C223K5RACTU0603C14, C152$0.02$0.04
0.022uF X7R 50V ceramic
Distributors: ($0.02)  
♦581-06033C104KAT2A0603C6-C10, C18-C21, C25, C26, C29, C30, C3314$0.01$0.14
0.1uF 10% 25V X7R (AVX06033C104KAT2A)
0.1uF 10% 16V X7R (+/-15% over -55°C +125°C) (Kemet)
Distributors: Mouser ($0.01)   Mouser ($0.01)   Mouser ($0.02)   Mouser ($0.04)  
♦C0603C180J5GACTU0603C27, C282$0.021$0.042
18pF 0603 C0G 5% ceramic capacitor.
Distributors: ($0.021)  
♦C1206C106K4PACTU1206C1, C24, C23 (MCP1640 output capacitor), C17 (LCD option)4$0.16$0.64
10µF 16V 10% X5R ceramic capacitors.
Distributors: ($0.16)  
10µF ultraminature electrolytic 16V +/-20% 4x5x1.5mm (D x H x LS) -40°C to +85°C
Distributors: ($0.10)  
140-L10V220-RCRadialC3, C4, C5, C22. Option: C31, C324$0.25$1
220µF ultraminature electrolytic 10V +/-20% 8x5x3.5mm (H x D x LS) -40°C to +85°C. Increase quantity to 6 if making board without protruding audio caps.
Distributors: ($0.25)  
RFS-25V221MI5#Through HoleOption: C13, C12 (replaces C32/C31)2$0.55$1.1
220µF 25V aluminum electrolytic audio capacitor (these require protrusion outside of enclosure).
Distributors: Digi-Key ($0.55)  
CSA309 11.2896MABJ-UBRadialQ31$0.36$0.36
11.2896MHz 18pF cylinder crystal.
Distributors: Digi-Key ($0.36)  
100V 150mA maximum average forward current. 0.86 typical forward voltage drop at 50mA. 500mW power dissipation.
Distributors: Mouser ($0.014)  
♦SD-RSMT-2-MQ-WFSurface MountU31$1.05$1.05
3M MMC/SD memory card connector.
Distributors: ($1.05)   Digi-Key ($1.12)  
♦CP-43514SJCT-NDSurface MountJ11$0.46$0.46
3.5mm surface mount audio jack with 4 conductors.
Distributors: Digi-Key ($0.46)  
517-6111TNThrough HoleJ5, BATT1$0.22$0.22
.100" 40x1pin .230 post
Distributors: Circuit Specialists ($0.22)   Mouser ($0.46)   Mouser ($0.74)  
Single cell PWM mode only DC/DC step up converter in SOT-23 package.
Distributors: Buy ($0.44)   Digi-Key ($0.44) ($0.44)  
3.3V 80MHz 32 bit microcontroller with 512KB FLASH, 128KB RAM, 8 channel DMA, 3 SPI, internal core voltage regulator, USB, Ethernet
Distributors: Buy ($7.01)  
101-0161Through HoleS1, S2, S3, S4, S55$0.08$0.4
6x6 mm, 0.031 tactile through hole push buttons. Height 4.30mm
Distributors: Mouser ($0.08)   Mouser ($0.10)   Mouser ($0.10)   Mouser ($0.10)   Mouser ($0.15)  
♦CDRH5D28NP-6R2NCSurface MountL11$0.62$0.62
6.2µH surface mount inductor. 6x6x3 mm. 1.8A, DCR: 0.045 ohm.
CDRH5D28NP-5R3NC at Mouser might be better. 5.3µH, same land pattern, 0.038 ohm DCR, 1.90A.

4.7µH suggested by MCP1640 datasheet, but the 6.2uH part is what I had already bought for TPS61025, gonna try using it.
Distributors: ($0.62)   Digi-Key ($0.76)  
♦APTD1608SURCK0603LED1, LED2, LED3, LED44$0.13$0.52
Helios SMD Red 630nm 700mcd. Optional. May provide makeshift backlight for LCD. Standard T1 through hole LEDs may be substituted instead, but will only work without the optional LCD due to clearance.
Distributors: ($0.13)  
Dual unbuffered inverter for crystal oscillator circuits.
Distributors: ($0.187)  
♦SI8429DB-T1-E1Surface MountQ11$0.87$0.87
P-Channel low Rds(on). Chip Scale Package (hard to solder). Possible to short pads together instead of using this part, but loses ability to power down MMC/SD Card during idle periods.
Distributors: Digi-Key ($0.87)  
♦PCB-TRAXMODSurface MountPCB1$5.00$5
TRAXMOD-PIC32 bare printed circuit board. 1.773101 x 2.017501"
Distributors: ($5.00)  
24-bit delta sigma DAC 50KHz. I2S slave or master mode. Built-in amplifier for driving 16ohm head phones.

Product Folder - Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments)
Distributors: Digi-Key ($1.75) ($1.75)  
4xAA plastic battery pack with 6" pre-tinned leads and on/off switch. The cheaper 12BH348/C-GR may be substituted, but does not provide on/off switch.
Distributors: Mouser ($1.06)   Mouser ($1.06)  
♦LCD-08629Surface MountU51$6$6
Nokia 3310 84x48 graphic LCD. Optional. Stole one off a broken cell phone for prototyping. Need a good cheap and reliable source for this part. Sparkfun has it listed for $5, but out of stock.