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Photo by Kevin Devine Photography


In December 2001, I decided I wanted to get a dog to compete with in K9 Agility.  I went searching for a breed that was suited for that activity.  I adopted Skye when he was a puppy from Wildblue Kennels in the spring of 2003.  His "mom" Gabby is an accomplished Australian and American Champion that came to the U.S. from Australia, and his "dad" Brumby is also an accomplished Border Collie out of Florida in conformation and agility, recently becoming a Brazilian Champion.  Skye began learning competitive obedience when he was only 2 months old.  He got his Novice Rally title in April-- 3 Qs in 3 tries!  He has taken numerous obedience and agility classes through the Wichita Dog Training Club.  He participated in the Cathy Niles Obedience Seminar in July of 2004 and the Diane Schultz seminar in July of 2005.  Skye is a very quick learner, absolutely loves people, is very intelligent, and has a strong play drive.  He took to his search and rescue training very quickly and loved finding people.  He was also a wonderful PR dog.  We would take Skye to grade schools and teach the kids how to keep from becoming lost and what to do if they became lost.  Skye relished every minute of the attention as he thinks that every person was put on this earth to love him and give him undivided attention!  When we retired from SAR in July 2006, Skye retired as well.  I may compete with him in AKC tracking in the future.  He has also shown a lot of talent for agility, but thinks it's more fun to meet all the people in the arena instead of running the course.  :)  He obtained his Canine Good Citizen Certificate and Herding Instinct Certificate in the late fall of 2003.  Skye continues to be a favorite amongst many people, recognizing him from previous PR events, when he was on KAKE TV in 2005, or with his many many friends and "extended family" he has met over the years, as well as my dearly beloved pet and companion! 

Skye is the "micromanager" of the household.  He has to make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be, and has to know about anything new that is occurring.  He's also a notorious "counter surfer" and *loves* to eat.  I call him the little "Hoover" since he sucks up everything, especially attention and love!  Skye is definitely *one of a kind* and is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet!!!  :)

Skye most recently was one of the winners of the local Uptown Paws "Pet Idol" contest!  He was one of the "stars" in the Uptown Paws commercial! (see it here).  We are so proud of our boy and think he is so deserving of this recognition!

Skye received his first AKC competiton leg on April 4, 2008 coming away with a Qualifying leg in his Novice A Rally Class towards his RN title.  On April 5, he got his 2nd leg, and also received 1st place out of roughly 9 Novice A dogs with a score of 94!!!  (See photos below...)  On April 6, Skye worked a difficult novice course and finished with a score of 99, first place, and earned his Novice Rally title-- earning a Q each day he trialed, and the very first time he has ever competed!  I couldn't be more proud of my boy!!!

Skye's Rally Novice title photo by Melia


 We competed for fun in Novice B in 2009 and earned a perfect 100 beating 23 other Novice B  teams!  I was so proud of my boy!!  He exceeded all of my expectations!

Skye competing in Rally Advanced A

Some fun pics of Skye~

Great portrait of my handsome boy and his lovely smile when he was 7 mos. old!


My beautiful, beloved "Woobie" when he was 7 weeks old (top) and 8 weeks old (bottom).


Skye never misses a chance to mug for the camera!


Skye at the Reflection Pond at the OKC Murrah Memorial in 2005.


Skye on KAKE TV with Mom and SAR teammate Vicki Walton.

 To see some photos of Skye doing PR work for KSARDA, see the "What's New" page for the links

 Chaney and Skye visit Lorrie at the EMS post on Christmas Day.


 Skye learning how to herd sheep at the Street's house.


Skye following the scent trail during a search and rescue exercise.


Skye and Lorrie practice the weave poles.

See a video of Skye during agility training


Skye working on competitive obedience heeling when he was just 7 months old.

Skye gives his favorite person a hug after Lorrie returns from work.

My beloved "Woobie".


See Skye's family

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