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Memorial Page

On occasion, K9 Search and Rescue Team Inc. loses members of its family, whether they are human or canine. We want to remember and honor those Team members who have passed and their dedication and service that made such a difference to the lives of the countless lost and missing, and families... that they may live.

In Memory of Kae Baker Skala

K-9 Search and Rescue Team member Kae Skala passed away Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 while enjoying what she loved: hiking the wild places of Southwest Colorado with her dogs near Lone Cone, north of Dolores.

She was a vital and active woman who enjoyed the woods, wild, and wildlife and gave fully of herself as a volunteer and public servant.

Kae’s volunteer service for K9 included efficiently and accurately performing the responsibilities of Finance Section Chief, and her warm personality helped forge bonds of trust and camaraderie among Team members.

May the Dog House forever be warmed by her smile...

Just like their human counterparts, search and rescue canines endure thousands of hours of training throughout their operational lives, weather that makes their handlers cringe, and must be physically capable of handling the blistering heat of the desert, the frozen temperatures of the winter, the rugged terrain of the mountain, and the harsh environment of the urban disaster scene.

As with everything in life, there comes a time when our four-legged partners pass on to greener meadows where there is an unending supply of critters to chase, mud to wallow through, and warm sun to lay in. This page is dedicated to the many K9 members of K9 Search and Rescue Team Inc. who have not just been loving pets, but have served and saved the lives of so many lost and missing throughout the years.

 Rio Valles Piper Cub

8-6-84 - 11-3-93
 Last Chance Search Light

11-3-85 - 4-20-98
 Dallas Vom Shasta Teaspoon

10-29-89 - 2-91
 Maggie's Attitude

2-4-92 - 3-15-01
Shilo Search Light

5-12-92 - 12-20-00

8-30-93 - 9-6-94

4-18-95 - 10-30-97

4-18-95 - unknown

1995 - 2011
 Last Hope Abigail

1-18-97 - 8-12-00
 Towzar Peanut Butter Putz

7-7-97 - 5-28-05
 SAR Zeus Majesto

12-7-97 - 2-5-05

5-1-98 - unknown

10-02 - 1-2-12
 Axel Von Suchen Hirten

2-20-03 - 6-8-12


11-16-14 - 6-24-15


1-21-05 - 10-10-15

3/13/03 - 1/09/17