K9 Puppies For Sale

    for sale
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k9 puppies for sale
Meet George. George is an 8 year old English bulldog who has not been blessed with the life he should have had. He has had a turn of luck and the Long Island Bulldog rescue has taken him in. His foster Mommy will be his forever home now. His previous owner did not take such good of care of George and left him to wander the streets with a broken jaw. Because of his injuries part of his jaw had to be removed for him to have a pain free life. He is such a sweet heart and his foster Mommy loves him to death. His Veterinarian bills have been extremely high to get this fellow back to pain free living however.

I have painted this ORIGINAL oil painting on 18" x 14" gallery wrap canvas. It is signed DSprague and is ready to hang.

100 % OF THE SALE OF THIS PIECE WILL GO TO LONG ISLAND BULLDOG RESCUE TO HELP COVER GEORGES VETERINARIAN BILLS. THANK you so very much for your generosity. If you would prefer a custom portrait of your own pet instead, I can substitute this painting for a 11x14 painting of your pet in oils!..
I love my Human - Daisy Girl XS Size
I love my Human - Daisy Girl XS Size
How about being elegant and helping a great cause all at once? This charming dress is completely reversible and fully lined. A batik vibrant red flannel top is paired up with fresh crispy cotton for a girly look.
k9 puppies for sale