Matthew Read owner of K-9 Penn has been training dogs since 2001 and is a Member of the National Police Canine Association, . Matthew started volunteering as a Trainer and Behavior Modification Specialist for several rescues in the Delaware County and Chester County areas. To name a few like Delaware County SPCA, Lamancha Animal Rescue, To Love a Canine "TLC", All 4 Paws and several others.Matthew fostered several dogs that required his expertise in ordered to be adopted out to a loving and caring home.. Matthew took his love of training to a new level in 2011 where he attended Tarheel Canine Training Inc. where he became Certified to instruct in Police Canine in the areas of Patrol Work, Narcotics and Explosive Detection, Tracking and Trailing, Article Searches and Search and Rescue. Matthew has Volunteered his time and efforts to several Police Departments as well as individual Police K-9 Officer's.  Matthew is also a Regional Canine Instructor for Controlled F.O.R.C.E's. Matthew takes all of this knowledge and is now training people that are interested in doing what he does to be successful in their own business. Call K-9 Penn if you are interested in having your Canine trained by him or one of his capable trainer's. K-9 Penn guarantees a successfully trained dog as well as their owners. Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to call him at 843.222.7380  

K9 Penn's Trainer Jake
Jake started working with dogs when he was 10 years old with rescues like La Mancha and To Love a Canine. It was clear to several people that he was a natural with dog's and more so, their obedience. Jake has worked side by side with his dad Matthew Read for several years and did extensive hours with Police K-9's as well. Jake truly loves dogs especially when they are bearing down on him with teeth showing as he has caught some of the top dogs as a Decoy.
K9 Penn's Trainer Tom Stevenson
Tom has been a Trainer with K9 Penn for over a year working and training several dog's . Tom has trained in the areas of Obedience, Narcotics Detection, Tracking and Personal Protection Dog's. Tom is a Deputy with Horry County Sheriff's Office and has been in Law Enforcement for over 11 years. Tom has worked side by side with Master Trainer Matthew Read and his son Jake Read. Tom has dedicated his time to acquire more and more knowledge to fine tune his skills as a Trainer in order to earn the title as a Master Trainer. Tom's dedication and love for canine's along with his enthusiasm has made him a valued addition to the K9 Penn Family.