K-9 Penn is dedicated to helping people build a strong relationship with their dog, and preparing the dog to become a well behaved member of the family and the community.  We use modern and humane training techniques in addition to state-of-the-art training equipment to help facilitate easy learning for each dog.  K-9 Penn's seamless integration with you, and your family, helps us stand apart from other dog training operations. K-9 Penn uses a modern Training Style. We are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and South Carolina. The Owner of K-9 Penn (Matthew Read), has studied extensively with Tarheel Canine in Sanford, NC and is a member of the National Police Canine Association.  K-9 Penn has an extensive knowledge of training both household pets and working dogs.  K-9 Penn can service any of your training needs, whether it's training your house pet to sit calmly while guests arrive, or help your Police K-9 Unit to get a better grip on that bad guy! 

Contact K-9 Penn with any questions, concerns regarding your household pet or working canine matthew@k9penn.com.

"Dog owner's are quick to correct, but often forget to be as quick to Praise" - M. Read
Basic Obedience: our program teaches your dog(s) how to sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay, heel, and come while on leash while staying at our kennel. We will work with all types of dogs, and make your dog(s) as eager to work for you as possible. At the completion of the program, we will teach you the owner, how to use and enforce these commands with your dog(s), and to ensure a good relationship with your pet for the rest of his/her life. Our goals are to produce an educated owner and most important, a happy, obedient dog. We also offer a Basic Obedience Plus program which includes all of the above, plus either an off leash recall or a "place" command, so your pet can also be well mannered with your guests.

Advanced Obedience: our program teaches your dog(s) to sit, down, sit/stay, down/stay, heel and come (on leash and off leash), and also a "place" command. We use the training method that will work best with your individual dog to get the results you want.

Matt Reade and Viking

Matthew Reade and Viking Credits: Long Hill Police

  • Matt Reade and Viking

Update On K9 Search For David Bird From Long Hill Police

Brenda A. Nemcek

Sunday, January 26, 2014 • 4:23pm

LONG HILL TOWNSHIP, NJ -  The Long Hill Township Police Department has said that Matthew Reade, of www.k9penn.com , and his dog, Viking have been actively checking the area for David Bird over the past several days but were forced to halt the search when the bad weather set in.

However, Matt has been scouting out areas where he will resume the search along with other dogs from Tarheel Canines, North Carolina, once the conditions are favorable for the dogs. Matt also contacted a friend with a Cessna aircraft who will start aerial searches when the weather breaks. 

"Thank you Matt and Viking for all you are doing! " from the Long Hill Township Police Department.

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