NADAC July 2007

Photos from our NADAC trial held by U2KanDu in Greenwood, MO, June 30-July 2, 2007

On June 30-July 2, Chaney and I competed in the NADAC trial held in Greenwood, Missouri.  Chaney and I had a great trial coming away with 2 new titles:  Open Agility Certificate and Novice Weavers Certificate.  In a total of 21 runs, we got 11 Qualifying runs and got 11 First Place finishes, 2 Second Place finishes, and 2 Third Place finishes in our division.  We **almost** got 4 more Qualifying runs, having just a tiny mistake in the middle of beautiful runs... of those, we missed out on a "Q" and new Open Jumpers Certificate title by 1 second over course time, and ran an incredible Open Regular run but dropped the last bar  :(  missing out of our 6th Q in Open Regular.  We also missed our Outstanding Novice Hoopers title, but all in all, Chaney had an incredible trial with only 3 "not so great" runs out of those 21 runs.  I was so proud since she had never run that many runs in a trial before.  I also noticed at this trial, Chaney and I *finally* to start to **really gel** as a cohesive team.  I am learning how I need to handle her and she is learning how to reliably read me.  We are starting to look like all of those other great agility teams who flow through the courses!  We still have some issues to work on, and some additional skills to add to be able to be successful at our Open level and above.  But, this weekend, my little Chaney Crawford showed what "Agility Ability" she truly has!!  I can't wait for our next trials!!


Some photos from the trial by Kevin Devine Photography of a few of our Open Regular course runs and one from Hoopers.

My little "Speed Demon"!