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Life is never boring for the Stelz Border Collies!

December 16, 2007-- Chaney and I had a really good trial up in Lawrence.  We came away with 2 new titles, 8 Qualifying runs, 6 first place and 4 second place finishes in our division.  We also had 2 runs in our Open Jumpers that we barely missed out on Qs in... one was 1 second over time and we dropped 1 bar in the other run.  Chaney impressed me most with her distance work, passing a tough Open Chances run on Saturday and a moderately challenging run on Sunday, coming away with her Open Chances title with perfect runs in the last 2 trials!  She also did great with her Open Hoopers class that we advanced to in this trial.  In the Open class, only approx. 1/3 to 1/2 of the experienced dogs competing qualified in their Open Hoopers runs, with Chaney passing both of them this weekend!  Her new titles are:  Open Touch and Go and the one I am really proud of-- Open Chances.  Her Open Chances proves that she is really coming along and we are communicating well as a team and are close to moving up to the really tough Elite level.  Even in Chaney's Non-Qualifying runs, she ran the courses well with small mistakes in them.  I was very proud of how she ran at this trial!  I ***hope*** this continues into her next AKC trial in January when I move her up to Excellent Standard and try for our last Open Jumpers leg.

Chaney is now:  Wildblue Enchanted OA OAC OJC NAJ O-TN-O TG-O OCC O-HP-N WV-N & Novice Versatility.  (Chaney is just 3 Qs away from her Open Versatility title needing 3 Open Weavers legs!)

My friends and I with our dogs at the December NADAC trial:  Colleen with Meg and Cody, me with Chaney and Skye, and Robin with Shasta and Jazzy.  Colleen is from Minnesota and Robin is from Nebraska.





November 27, 2007-- New photos added:  2007 WHAT Trial photos, and photos to the Fun Dog Photos of Skye.  And, be sure to see the dogs Christmas Portraits !!! (one below)

Another photo of my Christmas tree this year.


My 2007 Christmas Tree.  Not much different from last year.  I don't have the "gold presents" under the tree here yet.  I hope to change the tree a tad next year.


Family photo taken after Mom's 60th Birthday party.  Happy 60th, Mom!!


November 4, 2007-- Chaney and I competed in Lawrence and came away with 7 Qualifying runs out of 14, 5 first place finishes, 1 second place, and 2 third place finishes, along with 2 new titles (didn't realize it at the time of the photo, LOL):  "Outstanding Open Tunnelers" and "Outstanding Novice Hoopers".  Chaney and I continued to have these new frustrating weave issues, but most of the time, I was able to get her to complete them after an initial attempt or 2.  I was so proud of her as she ran most of the runs on her first day beautifully, with one tiny mistake in it.  The second day didn't start as well, but we finished strong.  I was also proud that she competed in her first Open Chances runs, coming away with 1 Q on Sunday, and adding more runs to her title quest, making us closer to obtaining more Open and Outstanding Open titles for our next trial!  See some photos from Lawrence *here*.


October 26-28th, 2007-- Chaney and I had a not so successful "WHAT" AKC trial this weekend.  We were hoping to come away with our long awaited (6 mo. wait) "OAJ" title, but that never happened.  Uncharacteristically, Chaney refused to do her normal speedy weave poles, which disqualified us on almost all of our runs, despite us running the rest of the course well.  She DID do them correctly twice... once in the Novice FAST class, and once our last Open Jumpers course.  But, since she didn't enter them correctly the first time in the Jumpers course, she got a "refusal", and although she did them well, I messed Chaney up near the end.  So, we will have to wait a few more months for our next chance in AKC.  We did have a *blast* running in the new AKC FAST class, coming away with 3 Qualifying runs out of 3 chances.  However, AKC specifies that you need 3 Qualifying scores from 2 different judges... and we only had 1 at this trial.  So, we weren't able to get our new Novice FAST (NF) title.  That will have to wait until I go to another AKC trial that offers this new class.

Click here to see **new** awesome Chaney agility trial photos from the always great Steve Bull of Sirius Photography!

October 7, 2007-- More exciting news for my "famous" kids!!!!  My "Miss Athletic" Chaney-girl was photographed in the Wichita Eagle newspaper once again, this time running on the agility course at Woofstock!  See the photo on my "Media Stars" page  Thanks to photographer Jeff Tuttle for taking the photo of Chaney!!  To see the photo in the paper, check the October 7th Local and State edition on page 6B!


October 6, 2007:  The big day of "Woofstock", the 10th annual celebration of dogs and owners.  This is the event that the Wichita Eagle hosted the Photo Contest in honor of.  We found Chaney's photo with the other 4 winners of the contest categories hanging on the Wichita Eagle van/booth for everyone to see.  How exciting!!  I had to have a photo taken of my "Miss Athletic" next to the photo that made her "Famous!!!"


Chaney and I running early on in the demo our club put on about agility.  I only ran one run with her as I had been up for over 20 hours, working the night before.  So, since we just came for agility primarily, poor Skye got left at home.  Chaney did ok on the course, but got distracted near the tire as the livestock (herding) ring was just to the south and upwind of the course.  In the above photo, I am making sure Chaney sticks her contacts.


September 25, 2007-- We were informed that a photo I submitted to the Wichita Eagle for the Woofstock Photo contest won "Best Photo" in the "Most Athletic Dog" photo category!!  (See it here:  photo)   Hooray to Chaney!!!  Now, we have 2 STARS!!!!-- Miss Athletic and Mr. Pet Idol!!  :)  The photo will be printed in the September 30th Wichita Eagle newspaper and will be on 'exhibit' at the Woofstock celebration on October 6th!

Here is the online link to Chaney's photo:


September 24, 2007:  Skye and the other 2 winners of the Pet Idol contest and a few of the semi-finalists help to film the "Uptown Paws" commercial!  See the photos from the commercial shoot *here*!

September 11, 2007-- Skye is one of the 3 winners of the Uptown Paws "Pet Idol" contest!!!  Thanks so much to all of you who voted for him!  He had his " border collie family" and many many dog friends in 12 states voting for him:  Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana, and Michigan!!  He will be shown in an upcoming Uptown Paws commercial.  We are so proud of our sweet boy!!

uptown paws logo




September 8th and 9th, 2007-- Chaney has her most successful trial to date, coming away with 3 new titles, 9 Qualifying runs, and a going a perfect 6 for 6 runs on Saturday, in the Omaha NADAC trial.  See the photos here, as well as photos from Chaney's 4th birthday celebration!

August 26 & 27, 2007-- New portraits added to Skye (see some below) and Chaney's bio pages. 

Also, Skye is one of the finalists in the "Uptown Paws" 'Pet Idol' contest!!!  Be sure to cast your vote for Skye and have your friends vote for him, too! 

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Also added, new great photos from some agility training of Chaney

To see photos of our "affectionate" Skye doing some PR work for the SAR team prior to his retirement, see these links:


 (First 3 photos above by Kevin Devine Photography.  Editing by Lorrie)


Chaney and Skye enjoying the College Hill pool party for dogs.  See the photos *here*!


R.C. celebrates her 8th birthday with a bunch of toys out of the toy box.  Humm... which toy to play with??  :)


Chaney and Skye get to visit the newly renovated Keeper of the Plains exhibit.  It was a beautiful area! 


June 30- July 2, 2007-- NADAC Trial in Greenwood, MO

We had a great trial in Greenwood!  We got 2 new titles and 11 Qualifying Runs!  Go to this page: July 2007 NADAC Trial for more photos and information!


Some photos of my "Mr. Personality" and "Chaney Crawford" taken recently....


Can you tell Skye knows he's "special" since he gets to rest on the hotel bed with us at our latest agility trial locale?  :)

Our little "Hoover" sucking up every bit of attention he can get.  He is SO insecure!!  :)


A great photo of our "outdoor" kitty who we call "Mama Sita".




Chaney and I competed in a regional NADAC trial the weekend of May 12 & 13th.  Chaney  had a pretty successful tournament.  She won 3 new titles, had 8 clean (qualifying) runs, 6 First Place finishes, 3 Second place, 2 Third place and 2 Fourth place finishes out of 15 trial runs.  Most of her runs were very good with a few of her runs that were non-qualifying were caused by faults from me.  We still are needing one more leg for her to get her Novice Weavers title.  The 3 new titles Chaney got are:  Novice Touch and Go, Novice Hoopers, and Outstanding Novice Tunnelers.   Way to go, Chaney!!



Ten years ago on May 17, 1997, I graduated from the University of Kansas.  Since it was the 10th Anniversary of my becoming a KU Alum, I decided to take a photo of the hill I walked down at graduation.  We were in Lawrence for the trial, so I took my dogs to the Hill in memory of that exciting day!


Skye guy sits in front of the Campanille bell tower showing off his KU spirit.  Too bad our R.C. (named for "Rock Chalk) couldn't be in this photo.  :(


At the trial, photographer Kevin Devine was shooting more formal portraits in honor of "Mother's Day" for us "dog moms".  See more portraits on this new page.