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Symptoms of Disc Disease

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Symptoms of a Disc Episode


There is no substitute for good veterinary care.

This information is for educational purposes only and

should NOT be used in place of consultation with your veterinarian.


If your dog has any of the symptoms below, please assume it is a disc episode, crate or severely restrict its activity, and get to the vet immediately:

    ·       Does not want to go up steps or jump on furniture

    ·       Shivering or shaking and/or hiding

    ·       Has a tense belly and is shivering or shaking

    ·       Limping

    ·       Walking wobbly or drunk

    ·       Hunched over

    ·       Does not want to lift head

    ·       Holds head at an angle

    ·       Cries out when moving, changing positions, or is picked up

    ·       Unable to stand up

    ·       Dragging legs


As damage to the spinal cord increases caused by disc material applying pressure on the spinal cord, your dog’s symptoms may get worse in this order.

    ·       Pain

    ·       Can’t pick up feet well

    ·       Walking wobbly/drunk or legs cross when walking

    ·       Can’t stand up or walk

    ·       Can’t start urinating

    ·       Can’t wag its tail

    ·       Does not have Deep Pain Sensation which is a nerve function determined by a specialist.


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