Random Images

A random image is displayed each time the page loads.

Slideshow from Picasa Media RSS Feed.

The gadget spec URL could not be found

Insert>>More Gadgets. Select 'Add gadget by URL'. 
Insert: https://googledrive.com/host/0B4yfJJJSNrfubzJEUkxIYm1PcHM/picasa-slideshow-simple-nb.xml
Other gadgets that can be used in a similar manner are here.

In your Picasa Web Album right click on RSS and copy the address. 
Mine is:


Insert the RSS URL you copied in the Feed to display box.

Here is the configuration I used:

Feed to display (required) https://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/base/user/102989852317295950543/albumid/5467596601146435761?alt=rss&kind=photo&hl=en_US
Width of pictures (required) 280
Height of pictures (required) 190
Display Time (ms) 120000
Transition Time (ms)
Random display (Yes - No) Yes
Open Picture on Clic (Yes - No) No
Display Navigation Bar (Yes - No) No
Background of Slide (required)  #ffffff
Background of Container (required) #ffffff

  • Width:  280
    Height: 190
  •  Include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary not checked
  •  Include a border around gadget not checked
  •  Display title on gadget:  not checked