Animated GIF Images

Animated GIF images show the animation if they are hosted on a different site. This one is hosted on Photobucket.

When you want to insert a image from outside your own site make sure that you click the "Web address (URL)" option and then insert the image address. If the address is correct a preview of the image should appear. 

This one is on

This came from Google+

This is in a Dropbox folder.

And this one in in Google Docs (Google Drive).

Upload the GIF to Google Docs & share it, then right click on the image and select 'View Image Info'.  From the list of URLs select the relevant Image (the preview should be animated) and copy the URL.  In Google Sites, edit the page and Insert...Image, selecting the Web address option and paste in the copied URL.
Address such as 
Must be changed to:

From a post in Sites Help Forum by Phillip Ulinski 

1. Select “Edit (e)” for page.  Position cursor in approximate position for the animated picture.

2. Click “Insert”.  Click “Images”.

3. Click “Upload Image” – upload your animated file.

4.  Click on animated Image.  Click “OK”.

5.  1st frame of file will be display but will not be animated.

6.  On unanimated picture click “Change”.

7.  Check “Open this link in a new window”.   Click  “OK”.

8.  On Page click “Save”.

9.  Click on the unanimated picture.

10.  Picture will be animated in a new window.

11.  Copy URL for new page. Starts “https:” - copy complete URL.

12.  Close window.

13.  Select “Edit (e)” for page.

14.  Click “Insert”. Click “Image”.  Click “Web address (URL)”.

15.  Paste copied URL into “Image URL” box.  Click “OK”.

16.  Click “Save”.  Select “Edit (e)” for page.  Select non-animated picture.  Click “Remove” or “X”.

17.  On Page click “Save”.

18.  May need to use “wrap on” to position animated picture.