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 Welcome to the replacement for my MySpace page - still takes as long to download but hey. More songs. And thanks to the new mic, hopefully less static! And more volume!

About Kate

Kate began her illustrious singing career at the age of 3, when she asked her mother to join her in song in the middle of a store.   Her mother turned her down, and thus began Kate's solo career.  For years she performed backup to the radio in car trips, before getting her big break the summer before freshman year of college.

In order to be cool in the dorms, Kate borrowed her parents' guitar and taught herself how to play some basic chords.  After a year of getting German folk songs stuck in her roomate's head, she moved onto English and hasn't looked back since.

Kate does her own writing, composing, singing, nails, and dishes.  She's currently involved in recording her third album, Live from the 'Rillo.  Look for it online soon.

And by soon I mean maybe some time this year....


August 26th, 2008:  Wow it's been awhile.  But in that year I've been gone, Google has added mp3 players!  So now you can play my songs without having to download them!

February 17th, 2007: Reuploaded Orbital and House of the Rising Sun.  Uploaded Little Short of Me. 

February 5, 2007: For those of you just checking this out, you can subscribe using NewGator (and probably other subscription sites) by just typing in the address and adding the feed. Or I can flood your inbox. The choice is yours :)

House of the Rising Sun and Orbital uploaded.


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 Streaming Audio


Photo by K. Lew

Don't Think Twice


Transplant Song

 Little Short of Me

Paper Thin


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