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Part of my research as a graduate student focused on the Tradescantia alliance, a group of closely related New World genera in the monocot plant family Commelinaceae. You can read my open-access publication on systematics and inflorescence structure in these plants over at Systematic Botany.

I maintain a handful of the (hardest to kill) species from this group in a living collection. I also have limited quantities of DNA and seed for additional species in the group, collected from the wild (Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Mexico) and botanical gardens. If you are interested in working on Commelinaceae, please contact me.

Living collections (maintained in Tyler, Texas)
Last update: October 2014
Callisia elegans
Callisia fragrans
Callisia micrantha
Callisia repens
Callisia warscewicziana
Gibasis geniculata
Gibasis pellucida
Gibasis venustula
Tradescantia hirta
Tradescantia spathacea (normal size and a dwarf variety)
Tradescantia sp.
Tradescantia tepoxtlana
Cyanotis obtusa

DNA stocks
Being compiled.

Seed stocks
Being compiled