The club has a fantastic repeater housed in the club shack. The repeater was generously donated to the club by Emil de Boe (W9BOE). It is a Kenwood TKR-750. 

The repeater was serviced and programmed by John Slusser (WD7F). It is currently tied into John's own repeater (149.94–), giving it fantastic coverage of the entire Tucson area and access to the BART system.

See more details about the repeater installation.

The club repeater is open to all amateur radio operators. Here are the details:
  •   Frequency: 146.96 (–)
  •   PL Tone: 127.3

The university has its own Echolink node, granting users access to the entire world. For more information, visit the official Echolink page
  • Echolink Node: 363148
To use the system from a radio or handheld, just transmit the DTMF tones of the node you wish to contact. Use the # sign to disconnect.