Possible meetings!


2m Repeater Cavities -- What are cavities on the 2-meter repeater, what are their function, and how to you tune them? followed by a demo

Stealth Antennas possibly presented by KB9AZ

Lightning Damage how to manage and eliminate the potential for lightning damage

Kitt Peak & UA campus N7KHZ radio astonomer / ham radio operator... works for UA, also WA3HRMEMI Interference K7DF ?

Grounding Stations K7DF ?

RF Spectrum K7DF ?

Satellites K7DF ?

Satellite Ground Stations K7DF ?

Receiver sensitivity Contact K7DF, presentation created by KW7CN (who designed radio altimeters for missiles, wrote book on radio altimeters)

Falcons / Hawks KB7KEY Falcons / hawks outfitted with tiny little transmitters

National Weather Service on the south side of the campus where NWS is located... C-CAM,,, National Weather Service. Weather balloons, weather stuff.... research HARP radar (same stuff Chris W does) does a lot of atmospheric work



SDR technology development? Elecraft software engineer


Moonbounce Moonbounce communications

Satellite Training Satellite operating training

Meteor Scatter Presentation

CW Academy What is CWA? NU7Y


APRS Droid What is APRS Droid?


RepeaterBook -- listing of repeaters (also on iOS, Android)

Echolink (also on iOS, Android)


Ducie Island DXpedition

Amateur Radio on a Sailboat The owner of the Tucson Racquet Club uses amateur radio on his SAILBOAT in the Pacific Ocean. He is willing to talk about this to our club.

Installing Coax Connectors Demonstration and practice installing PL-259 connectors onto RG-8x or RG-213 coax cable. This will be a soldering approach, NOT requiring any crimping tools.