VE Testing Committee

Monthly Testing

The BEARS do not currently put on any testing sessions.

Chairperson --- None at this time.

Other Testing

Check here

for other nearby testing locations.


All candidates will be expected to present current photo identification to register for the test session. This can be in the form of a drivers license, State ID, Military ID, company ID, student ID, or a photo credit card. Minors without photo ID must be accompanied by an adult with photo ID to certify the minor's identity. Currently- licensed amateur operators wishing to upgrade MUST present their current license ORIGINAL and submit one photocopy for test records.

Individuals with valid and current Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCEs) from previous examination sessions MUST present the CSCE originals received from the previous sessions AND submit one copy of each for test records in order to receive credit.

Posted : 10/12/2018 WEB Master: John MacDuff, KA7TTY