Newsletter Committee


To edit and publish the club newsletter, BEARFAX, which is sent out to members in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format to their E-Mail address or as paper at their company mailstop, and by U.S. Postal Service to others. Publishing is timed to be a reminder of the next general meeting. Some members wish only to be notified when the new issue is available here so they can download it.

The committee is always looking for new articles and ideas for articles. Articles and ideas can be sent to Larry Hughes WA7GOK, as paper copy or .txt, .doc, or .rtf files on a PC formatted 3 1/2 inch disk or CD at the address shown in BEARFAX, or via E-Mail.

Chairperson and Editor

Larry Hughes------- WA7GOK


A complete Adobe Acrobat version of BEARFAX is available by E-Mail. An edited version is available here. A monthly notice when the new months edition is available can be sent. Please contact the Membership Chairperson concerning these newsletter options.

If you need to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader try:

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