Control and Operation of Radio Station K7NWS

May 7, 1993, Revised September 4, 1997, September 30, 1999

In accordance with FCC Regulations and the general requirements of the Boeing Employees Recreation Council (BERC), this memorandum is to formalize certain requirements and responsibilities for the purpose of assuring legal control and operation of the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS) Amateur Radio Station K7NWS. This memorandum is to be filled with the station records.

1. K7NWS VHF and UHF Repeater Operations

In accordance with FCC Rules; Part 97.103(b) the following named BEARS members are designated as control operators for all K7NWS repeater operations.

A. Voice Repeaters

(Link to Voice Repeater Control Operator List)

B. Digital Repeaters

(There are currently no Digital Control Operators because there is no full time digital operations using the K7NWS callsign.)

The above named control operators have full responsibility for the control and operation of all K7NWS VHF and UHF repeaters and associated control links. This responsibility for control and operation shall also be extended to any interface whatsoever that the BEARS may have with the so called Evergreen Intertie.

Control and operation shall be in accordance with the applicable subparagraphs of the following FCC Rules for Amateur Radio Service, Part 97:

a. Subpart B., "Station Operation Standards"

b. Subpart C., "Special Operations"

c. Subpart D., "Technical Standards"

d. Subpart E., "Providing Emergency Communications"

In the absence of the BEARS Trustee (Station Licensee), the above named control operators are hereby delegated the full responsibility of the "Station Licensee" as specified in FCC Rules; Part 97.103. In any case of conflict or conflicting interpretation of the FCC Rules, the BEARS Trustee shall be notified as soon as possible for resolution.

2. K7NWS High Frequency Station Operation

Proper operation of the BEARS High Frequency Station shall be the full responsibility of the licensed amateur operator utilizing the equipment at any time in accordance with the following rules and regulations.

a. FCC Regulations for Amateur Radio Service, Part 97, Subparts B, C, and E.

b. A BEARS member must be present at all times during station operation. The BEARS member is designated as the Control Operator. The K7NWS call sign or the call sign of the Control Operator may be used when operating the station [see 97.105(b), Subpart B].

c. The Control Operator may "lend" the station to a licensed non-BEARS-member guest. The equipment then, in effect, becomes the guest's temporary station. The guest operator may use his or her own call sign during the operation. The BEARS member however, remains the Control Operator, must be present at all times, and must sign the station log per the requirements of item e. below.

d. K7NWS is licensed as an Amateur Extra Class station. However, no operator (Control or guest) may exceed the authority and privileges of his or her personal station and operators license when operating the station.

e. The Control Operator shall maintain the station log of operation at all times. Upon completion of operation, the Control Operator shall affix his or her signature to the log for each contact or attempted contact.

A placard identifying the operational and logging requirements shall be displayed at a prominent location in the High Frequency Station.

3. Operation of Other Station Equipment

This category of equipment includes all other amateur radio equipment owned by the BEARS which is available for utilization by licensed operators. Included in this category are the VHF/UHF, Satellite and Packet Radio systems and any equipment/systems to be installed at a future date.

Control and operation of this category of equipment shall be in accordance with the requirements established for the High Frequency Station delineated in paragraph 2. above.

Any questions regarding the above paragraphs 1., 2., and 3. shall be referred to the BEARS Trustee at (206) 851-3370.

(original signed by)

George A. Hoffman, W7POE, BEARS Trustee, September 30, 1999

  1. (Note: The current Trustee is Don Sandstrom W7VXS.)
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