Facilities and Field Day Committee


To account for and maintain the equipment and facilities owned or loaned to the BEARS. Also to coordinate Field Day activities for club. Equipment includes a well outfitted Ham Shack/Trailer which is located at the Museum of Flight next to the new Aviation High School across East Marginal Way South from their main facility. Also included is a trailer mounted Satellite antenna system, as well as antennas and equipment at fixed repeater and packet sites in the Puget Sound Area.


Ray McCaw - KB7OPQ

Field Day

Field Day is an Amateur Radio Relay League sponsored activity designed simulate emergency operating conditions. Participating clubs and groups set up radio stations in remote locations and operate for 24 hours, attempting to contact as many other stations as possible. Extra points are awarded for special operating modes and power sources used. Logs are summarized and submitted to the ARRL for varification. Official results are published in QST, the ARRL magazine.

Here is how we did this year:

Here is the archive from past years:

K7NWS Weather Station

Our Weather Station is now part of the Weather Underground. Check it out.

Ham Shack / Trailer

The Ham Shack/Trailer is a 36 foot converted instrumentation trailer with a self-contained diesel powered electrical system. It contains HF operating positions, VHF operating position, Satellite operating position, and Packet operating position. The shack radios are powered by locomotive batteries charged by solar power during daylight hours. Shore power comes to the shack from the Museum of Flight to run lighting, heat and a night time battery charger to keep the batteries topped off. The shack has LED lighting which runs off the primary batteries.

The trailer is capable of being packed and moved intact to a remote operating location in an emergency, and has been used as such during one Field Day operation. Operation of the equipment in the Shack shall be according to the FCC Rules and the BEARS Operating Rules.

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