Membership Committee

Membership Applications

Membership application including Interest Survey and Release, must be filled out and signed. Associate Members must also include a new Associate Membership Application. All these need to be returned with dues check to BEARS c/o Boeing Recreation, M/C 4H-58, P.O. Box 3707, Seattle, WA 98124.

These forms are available on the back pages of BEARFAX, or can both be obtained at any General Meeting, or you can get copies by contacting Jack W7HNH via E-Mail, or letter to the address above.


To maintain the club membership list, issue membership cards, process membership applications, and compile survey information from membership.

More Information

Membership in the BEARS here in Seattle is open to all Boeing Employees and Boeing Retirees. Associate Membership is available to all Boeing Employee families, Boeing Retirees families, Boeing On-site Vendor Employees, and Retired Boeing On-site Vendor Employees, and their families.

Questions? Contact Jack W7HNH, or use the Comments link below.

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