About Our Classroom

About our A.B.C. Multiage Classroom


This program serves multiage children of all ability levels in the Fullerton School District and from surrounding districts.  The A.B.C. Multiage Class is currently staffed by two full time teachers, and there are approximately 60 children grades K-3 in the class.  Children remain in the program for four years with the same teachers wherever possible.


   We believe in the multiage philosophy. We love working with more than one grade level of students at a time because we see the positive benefits to children from mixed age interactions and staying with the same teachers for several years. We naturally enjoy teaching students individually and in small groups, so this type of setting works very well for our students and us!


Things you will see in our classroom:


State standards and District adopted textbooks:  These resources are readily used by teachers to deliver curriculum.  We believe in using all available resources in working with students, and we have aligned our curriculum with State and District standards.  

Daily Plan: Students work independently on a personalized menu of jobs called a "Daily Plan."  This allows the teachers to pull individuals and small groups of children without worrying about what the others are doing.  We specifically choose work that is at each student's independent work level so they will be successful.  

Volunteers: Volunteers are absolutely welcome, but volunteering is not required for entrance into our program.  We believe in a heterogeneous mix of students, and believe that a mix of volunteering and non-volunteering parents provides the best mix among students.

Arts-infused program:  We expose students to all branches of The Arts: visual, dance, theater, and music.  Our arts curriculum is specifically designed to integrate into the content area curriculum for that year.  

Character Education:  Students are exposed to themes of right and wrong, perseverance, honesty, etc. over the course of each year.  Character education is taught both explicitly and implicitly. 

Market MathThird graders experience running their own business with our Market Math strand.  They learn how to market and sell a product (in this case, nachos) to consumers (Kindergarten through third grade students in our class).  Profits at the end of the semester are donated to charity.  They go to the market and determine better values, look at nutrition, examine the layout of the store, and so much more! 

Technology-infused programAs you can tell by browsing our website, technology is woven throughout the curriculum as well.  All students work through various WebQuests designed to enhance their learning experience and give them knowledge of how to use the Internet.  Students work in cross-age buddy pairs on these tasks.  In addition, special 3rd grade WebQuests are designed for 3rd graders.  This program culminates in a special field trip at the end of the year for 3rd graders.  In addition, 3rd graders work through a series of web tasks, which assess their end-of-program knowledge and use of the Internet and computers, as directed in the district’s technology plan.  Students also create their own powerpoints and do research on self-selected topics, as well as podcasting books aloud, which they use for readaloud in an iPod listening center.

We believe the best way for you to see if this environment works for you and your child is to come in during work time some morning and observe how it works!  You will know fairly quickly if you are comfortable with the setting or not.  We hope to see you soon!

 The teachers may be contacted through the school office at (714) 447-7795 or via email. 






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