What Is Multiage?

In general, a multiage classroom contains a mixed-age group of children who stay with the same teacher for several years. The children, teacher, and parents become a unique “family” of learners. The multiage classroom is designed to give every child the opportunity to find success on his or her own path of growth.  Children progress along a continuum of simple to more complex material. In our classroom, students stay with us for four years, from kindergarten through third grade.  Students interact with curriculum independently and in small groups.  Self-help skills are encouraged.  Becoming a mentor to younger students is a powerful, positive experience for our students. 

The Rationale for Multi-Age 

  • Chronological age and mental age are not always the same
  • A child may find one curricular area easy while another is difficult for them
  • Children are able to work at different developmental levels without obvious intervention, and avoid social and emotional stigmas as a result
  • Students stay with their teacher for more than one year.  Benefits include teachers getting to know students well and provide for continuity in their learning, and children avoiding the angst over a new classroom placement each year
  • Age and achievement differences are the norm in the classroom
  • Multiage arrangements lend themselves well to integrated curriculum, cooperative learning, and cross-age tutoring
  • Instruction is individualized for each child so learning is maximized
  • Older and younger students interact, encourage and help each other, forming special bonds among peers, and creating authentic leadership skills in older students


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