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Beginning of the Year Wish List

Parents often ask if they can help purchase materials for the classroom... while this is NEVER a requirement, we would like to let you know the kinds of things that are on our wish list for the beginning of the year in case you wish to voluntarily contribute to the start-up of our classroom:

Community Property Items – all students (please do not label, will be used as needed for everyone):

1 box plain pencils (or more - we go through LOTS of pencils!)

2 packs (or more) wide rule notebook paper (we go through LOTS of this!)

1 tissue box

In addition, we have many art projects and class projects that use markers, so extra markers to share are always appreciated

Individual Items – all students

1 box 24 color crayons

1 box color washable markers

1 box colored pencils

1 pair of scissors

small pencil box that fits inside desk/cubby - the standard inexpensive 8"x5" work best, so books and packs also fit in desk/cubby as well

One spiral bound notebook, wide rule.  Can have any cover your child likes.

Room 5 only:

2 glue bottles - No glue sticks please... they are useless in a week due to drying out.

Spiral bound notebook, any brand (for math journal)

Highlighters, any color except yellow - we have TONS of yellow!

1 container baby wipes

Room 6 only:

3 red folders each child

3 yellow folders each child

1 package glue sticks, 1 glue bottle

2 containers baby wipes

Remember, all the supplies on this list are voluntary contributions.  We do appreciate your help in getting these things for our classroom!  Thanks so much!