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Book Talk

Book Talk Questions

Students/Parents... are you looking for something different to do with your reading this week?  Browse these questions and answer some to go along with your reading this week to change things around a bit! 
(for use with your Reading Log if desired)

This is a list of questions that will facilitate interesting and thoughtful discussions about the books that you read with your child.  These are questions that good readers ask themselves as they read to help them both understand and enjoy their reading.  By consistently talking about these questions with children, they develop the ability to question as they read and thus become strong, insightful readers.  Not all of these questions will make sense for every book your child reads.  Select one or two to discuss that make sense to the book you and your child have read.  After discussing with your child, have your child help you think about what you will write to me about your discussion.  Don’t forget to record your comments and the question you discussed on the Reading Log.  Enjoy!

1.     What did this book make you think about in your own life?

2.     What did this book make you think about in the outside world?

3.     Which other books does this remind you of?  Why?

4.     How does the main character feel in this book?  Have you ever felt that way?  When?

5.     What didn’t make sense to you in this book?

6.     What do you think the author is trying to say?

7.     Is this an author you would like to read more from?  Why?

8.     Which words were hard to read in this book?  How will you remember them for next time?

9.     Which strategies did you use as a reader tonight?  How did this help you?

10.   How did this book touch your heart?

If other questions come up during your Book Talk and you discuss them, please note them on your Reading Log!

Credit:  Anna Jaross, Kirkland, WA (adapted from Kathy Collins, Teachers College, Columbia University)