Raison d'etre

2MILLING is based on the principle that lokal grain  produces more nutritious and ekologikal, whole grain flour.
Our grain is karefully selected from lokal farms and after cleaning passes through three separate magnet traps before entering the mill. After cold milling, the whole grain flour is passed through a rebolting screen and then is bagged and passed through a digital metal detector. The flour is now ready. Are you? 
     At k2MILLING we believe in equilibrium. We believe that a seed can provide food, fuel and fibre. Canada grows enough grain to feed and fuel over 500 million people. Not bad eh.The mill is now powered by the oil that resides in the very seeds we mill into flour. Imagine that, grain milling powered by grain, perhaps a world first; who knows, who kares? Grind on. The remaining part of the seed after the oil is gently pressed out is...... yes, milled into flour.

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