At the mill

k2MILLING is an unique artisanal, flour mill.  The milling process is simple and kool; preserving the taste and nutrition of the whole seed in the flour. Our flour is only milled once and we produce our own electricity from oil in the seeds. The remaining seed meal/kake after oil is extracted, is milled into flour for food.
  Flours milled include spelt, soft wheat, hard wheat, corn, rye, oats, barley, triticale, sorghum, millet, flax, wheat, peas, hemp,buckwheat, rice, lentils and beans. Most of our flours are milled from organik, lokally grown grains. We also mill for you.  We are grinding; against the grain.

 We also mill konventional grains such as soft winter wheat, soft red winter wheat, hard red winter wheat, hard red spring wheat, hard white winter wheat, 2 row barley, 6 row barley, rye, corn and oats. We do not mill any genetically modified grains.

 Our standard, run of the mill wheat flours

BIANCA soft wheat flour - milled from soft red winter and soft white winter wheat [also available as a whole wheat flour]
IRENE all purpose flour - milled from hard red spring wheat
PLYMOUTH whole wheat hard flour - milled from hard red spring wheat

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  Visit the mill at Place du Moulin, Beeton Station, 120 Dayfoot Street, Beeton, Ontario, Canada L0G 1A0    
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