Stocking Your Space

(curated by Ryan Moreno)

You have the space, but now what should you put in it? This list includes equipment, materials, tools, kits, and various gadgets mentioned on the Google Group.

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What?TypeNotesURL (if relevant)
What?TypeNotesURL (if relevant)
Arduino Electronics Kits 
Avocado Beginner Board (for Arduino) Electronics Kits shield for Arduino aimed at younger students/total beginners 
Lilypads or FLORAs Electronics Kits for e-textiles  
LogicBlocks Electronics Kits for teaching digital logic 
LightUp Electronics Kits 
Lego WeDo Electronics Kits   
Grove base shield and accessories Electronics Kits makes Arduinos more accessible for younger students 
littlebits Electronics Kits 
Makey Makey Electronics Kits 
PicoBoards Electronics Kits for use with Scratch 
Hagstrom Electronics KEAD6 sensor input board Electronics Kits   
Hummingbird kits Electronics Kits much easier to use than Arduinos 
Velleman especially velleman mk102 (flip-flop circuit kit) Electronics Kits   
Motion sensors Electronics Supplies   
555 timer ICs Electronics Supplies   
MOSFET transistors Electronics Supplies   
LEDs Electronics Supplies 
Photoresistors Electronics Supplies   
DC motors Electronics Supplies cheapo toy motors (1.5V-3V) are great for tinkering activities  
Breadboards Electronics Supplies   
Distance sensors Electronics Supplies   
Vinyl cutter Equipment e.g. Roland  
Air filter (e.g BOFA, Quattro) Equipment provide necessary ventilation for laser cutter 
3D Doodler Equipment 
CNC mill Equipment   
3D scanners Equipment e.g. 123D Catch/Recap (Autodesk), XBox Kinect & Skanect/Reconstruct Me, MatterForm Scanner, Makerbot Digitizer, NextEngine, David Scan  
Power drills Equipment   
Computers Equipment   
Hot glue guns Equipment   
Lathe Equipment   
Laser cutter Equipment e.g. Epilog, Universal, Full Spectrum, Zing, Glowforge  
Sewing machine Equipment   
Multimeters Equipment there are cheap ones from Harbor Freight if you need a lot  
3D printer Equipment consumer grade (e.g. Makerbot, Cube, Type A, Afinia) or pro grade (e.g. Solidoodle, Mojo, Zcorp)  
CNC paper cutter Equipment e.g. Silhouette, Cricut, KlikNKut  
Soldering irons Equipment + accessories: stands, desoldering pumps, tip cleaners  
Calipers (plastic) Hand Tools   
Wire cutters/strippers Hand Tools   
Screwdrivers Hand Tools   
Scissors Hand Tools   
Hammers Hand Tools   
Pliers Hand Tools   
MakeDo Maker Supplies plastic connectors for building with cardboard 
Tape Maker Supplies have different types: masking, duct, scotch, electrical, even athletic (stretchy!)  
Construction paper Maker Supplies   
Glue Maker Supplies Elmers, wood glue, super glue, acrylic cement  
Paper clips Maker Supplies   
Paper tubes Maker Supplies e.g. toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls  
KnowCards Maker Supplies Physical Computing Flash Cards 
Cardstock Maker Supplies can be laser cut too  
Conductive paint Maker Supplies 
Cardboard Maker Supplies great for laser cutting as well as general making  
Strawbees Maker Supplies plastic connectors for straws, cardboard, etc. 
Aluminum foil Maker Supplies conductive too!  
Copper tape Maker Supplies good for paper circuits  
Rubber bands Maker Supplies broccoli bands are good for keeping connections tight on AA batteries  
Colored pencils Maker Supplies   
Various recycled/salvaged items Maker Supplies lots of random things work well, e.g. strawberry baskets, yogurt cups, plastic inserts from scotch tape dispensers, wine corks, etc   
Markers Maker Supplies   
Safety glasses Safety/First Aid   
Hair ties Safety/First Aid   
Alcohol swabs Safety/First Aid   
First aid kits!! Safety/First Aid   
Band-aids Safety/First Aid   
3D printing services Services e.g. Ponoko, Shapeways  
Showing 65 items