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including vendors as well as organizations that provide recycled/surplus materials
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OrganizationTypes of SuppliesLocation(s)URL
OrganizationTypes of SuppliesLocation(s)URL
T & T PlasticLand acrylic, plastics New York, NY 
Canal Plastic acrylic sheets New York, NY  
TAP Plastics acrylic sheets and scraps Mountain View, CA  
Onsrud cnc bits Waukegan, IL 
Wood Craft cnc tooling, hardware Parkersburg, WV 
Less EMF conductive fabrics Latham, NY 
Jelinek Cork Group cork 
Tinkersphere electronics, components New York, NY 
Jameco electronics components Belmont, CA 
Electronics Goldmine electronics, components 
Adafruit Electronics, kits, fun gadgets New York, NY 
Tinkersphere electronics, robotics, toys New York, NY 
Sparkfun electronics supplies, kits, gadgets Boulder, CO 
Tool Foam foam Hillsboro, OR 
VS America furniture 
Global Industries furniture 
Formaspace furniture Austin, TX 
Nuthouse Hardware hardware, building supplies New York, NY 
Allegheny Educational Systems laser cutters, roland, fabrication machines East Coast 
McMaster-Carr Materials, tools, hardware supplies, etc.. Across the US, Multiple Locations 
Inventables Materials, Tools, Machines Chicago, IL 
Metaliferous Metals, metal working tools New York, NY 
Servo City motors, things that move 
Materials for the Arts recycled materials Queens, NY 
Build it Green recycled materials Queens & Brooklyn, NY 
reDiscover Center recycled materials Los Angeles, CA 
SCRAP recycled materials San Francisco, CA 
Trash For Teaching recycled materials Los Angeles, CA 
SCRAP's creative reuse directory recycled materials 
Lancaster's creative reuse directory recycled materials Across the US 
Lynx Motion robotics 
Pololu robotics, motors 
Octopart Search hundreds of electronic component suppliers 
Invent-abling soft circuit kits 
Axman Surplus, motors, reclaimed materials St. Paul, MN 
RAFT surplus/recycled supplies for educators Bay Area and Colorado 
Leeds Radio vintage electronics, components Brooklyn NY 
FDC Films Vinyl Various suppliers nationally 
laserBits wood, acrylic sheets, laser cutting stuff Phoenix, Arizona 
Bruce Bauer Lumber wood, fiber board Mountain View, CA  
Rozenweig Lumber wood, lumber Bronx, NY 
Prince Lumber wood, lumber New York, NY 
Rockler wood, lumber, hardware Medina, MN 
Showing 43 items