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NameCategoryBrief DescriptionURL 3D 3D modeling tool for children on iOS/Android/Chromebook/Web 
3DprinterOS 3D Printing Management Manage 3D printers, designs and users from a centralized cloud platform 3DprinterOS 
3D Tin 3D discontinued - web based 3D modeling 
ACS Logo Programming Logo for OSX 
Ardublock Programming blocks-based programming for Arduino (plugin) 
Ardublock (Sparkfun Version) Programming Limited feature Ardublock for users of the Sparkfun Digital Sandbox Kit 
Arduino Programming physical computing 
Artisan plugin for Sketchup 3D sculpting tools for Sketchup 
Audacity Audio audio editing 
Autodesk Formit 3D web-based 3D modeling 
BeetleBlocks Programming Design 3D shapes with drag and drop code 
Blender 3D free CAD software 
BlocksCAD Programming Design 3D shapes with drag and drop code 
Bootstrap Programming, Algebra Programming Games with Algebra 
Boxy SVG 2D Vector Online SVG Editor 
CADspan 3D convert any CAD model to a file for 3D printing 
Codebender Programming Cloud based Arduino programming environment. Works with Chromebooks. 
Cyberduck Internet Protocol Software for SSF, websites and other 
Dropbox Cloud Storage cloud storage 
EarSketch Programming Learn Computer Science by Making Music 
Embrio Programming Visual programming for Arduino 
Enchanting Programming Scratch clone for NXT Enchanting 
Flattery 3D to 2D to 3D Sketchup plugin to generate foldable shapes 
Freeform 2D Vector vector graphics for iPad 
Fritzing Circuit Design visual editor for circuits/physical computing 
Gimp 2D Bitmap open-source Photoshop alternative 
iCircuit Circuit Design circuit simulations for iPad iCircuit 
iDraw 2D Vector vector drawing app for iPad and Mac 
Inkscape 2D Vector open-source Illustrator alternative 
Javagami Papercraft designing paper models using polyhedra 
KISSlicr (Pro) 3D Printing Slicing for 3D printing 
LightBlue Bean Programming Program Arduino from iPad or Android (works with LightBlue Bean Bluetooth enabled Arduino) 
MakerWare 3D Makerbot 3D printing 
mBlock Programming Scratch mod for mBots, Arduinos and others 
Meshlab 3D 3D model editing tool 
Method 2D Vector Online SVG editor 
Microworlds Programming 
Mind+ Programming Flow based visual programming for Arduino 
ModelMaker 3D + 2D A simple 3D modeling and unfolding for cutting app 
Modkit Programming blocks based programming for physical computing 3D Generative Design 
Netfabb 3D 3D model editing and repair tool 
Octoprint 3D Printing Management "The snappy web interface for your 3D printer" Ocotprint 
OpenJSCAD 3D Java based web openscad 
OpenSCAD 3D parametric 3D design tool 
OpenSCAD (web version) 3D web based openscad 2D Bitmap Free photoshop replacement (Windows only) 
Pencil Animation 2D animation 
Pencilcode Programming online turtle programming with blocks 
Pixlr Editor 2D Bitmap Chrome based web app Programming streaming and visualizing data from Arduino and Raspberry Pi 
Processing Programming programming, very visual 
Reconstructme 3D 3D scanning software 
Repetier 3D Printing drives 3D printers, e.g. Printrbots 
ReplicatorG 3D Printing for 3D printing 
Rhino 3D 3D modeling/CAD 
Scratch Programming blocks-based programming 
Scratch4Arduino Programming using Scratch to program Arduinos 
ScratchX Programming This version of Scratch supports experimental extensions 
Sculptris 3D 3D sculpting 
Sense 3D 3D scanning 
Simplify3D 3D Printing All-in-one 3D printing software 
Skanect 3D 3D scanning sfotware 
Sketchup  3D + 2D Free 3D and 2D design 
Sketchup to SVG plugin 3D to 2D to 3D to convert 3D models into 2D SVG shapes 
Slic3r 3D Printing 3D slicing software 
Smoothie-3D 3D Photo to 3D software. Untested as of 2/7/2015. 
Snap 4 Arduino Programming (currently in alpha, so may be buggy!) 
Terrain2STL 3D 3D print Google Maps topography 
TextMate Programming for editing code 
Tickle Programming Control physical devices with block programming - iOS 
Tinkercad (Autodesk) 3D web-based 3D modeling 
Turtle Art Programming Logo with blocks 
Zotebook 2D + 3D Streamlined CAD iOS app for cutting and 3D printing 
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