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Brief DescriptionTypeURLStarting Skill Level
Brief DescriptionTypeURLStarting Skill Level
O'Reilly's Radar Collection of Projects  
Toys from Trash Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Design Make Teach's K-12 3D Designs Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Educade Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Instructables Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Castilleja Bourn Idea Lab's Project Ideas Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Hopscotch Curriculum (iPad Programming App) Collection of Projects 1- Basic Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
littleBits Task Cards Collection of Projects Library Makerspace littleBits Task Cards 1- Basic 
Make Magazine Projects Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
How to Smile Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Class Badges Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Cybraryman Makerspace Resources Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Rob Ives Paper Animations Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
littleBits Lessons Collection of Projects Lesson Plans from LittleBits 1- Basic 
Makerspace Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Exploratorium's Snacks Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Special Projects Office (Makerbot Curriculum) Collection of Projects 1- Basic 
Curosity Machine Collection of Projects 2- Intermediate 
Toward a Maker Curriculum for Teachers Collection of Projects 2- Intermediate 
Design Make Tech's Design Portfolio Collection of Projects 2- Intermediate 
Making Things Move Collection of Projects 2- Intermediate 
Exploratorium PIE Collection of Projects 2- Intermediate 
Make To Learn Collection of Projects 2- Intermediate 
Inventables Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
NYU's ITP Program Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Open Materials Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
CMU's CREATE Lab Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
MIT's High-Low Tech Lab (Leah Buechley) Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Tinkering Schol Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Fab Lab Stoughton WI Page Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Stanford's FabLab@School (Paulo Blikstein) Collection of Projects 3- Advanced Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Adafruit Tutorials Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Sparkfun Tutorials Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Caleb Clark Thinks Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Kobakant's How to Get What You Want Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Univ of Colorado's Craft Tech Lab (Mike Eisenberg) Collection of Projects 3- Advanced 
Origami Bot Specific Project 1- Basic 
DIY iPad Stylus Specific Project 1- Basic 
Squishy Circuit Specific Project 1- Basic 
Omni-Animal Specific Project 2- Intermediate 
Google Cardboard (Virtual Reality Glasses) Specific Project 2- Intermediate 
MIT's Family Creative Learning guides (a series of Scratch, Makey Makey workshops Specific Project 2- Intermediate 
Big Shot Camera's Lessons Specific Project 2- Intermediate 
Dancing Traffic Light Specific Project 3- Advanced 
Piccolo - Arduino Drawing Bot Specific Project 3- Advanced 
City X Project Workshop Workshop 1- Basic 
Soft Circuits - Workshop Facilitators Guide Workshop 1- Basic 
Duct Tape Network Workshop 1- Basic 
Showing 51 items